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(HELP NEEDED: If anyone has a photo of the Old Main Building we would love to post it here.)

FYI: 5 million dollars is needed for this project!!!

WOFFORD Family Members, Let's Do Our Part!!!

To contribute, call the main number for WOFFORD College at (864)597-4000 and ask for the Development Office. Or send your check made out to WOFFORD College, marked Old Main Fund, to the Development Office at WOFFORD College, 429 North Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303. Tell them that the WOFFORD Family Clearinghouse Database sent you!

RENOVATE 'Old Main' building at WOFFORD College.

Wofford Students Launch Campaign To Renovate Main Building
September 30, 1998

SPARTANBURG, SC - The Campus Union at WOFFORD College held a press conference and crawfish boil during the second week of September to officially launch a student-oriented campaign for renovating Main Building. Known also as “Old Main,” it is the oldest structure on the 140-acre campus as it dates back to 1854.

Led by Campus Union President Anthony LEIGH, 'The Five Drive' campaign will run from October 5 to November 5, as Campus Union members seek a $5.00 donation from at least 555 of their fellow classmates. In addition, five alumni have agreed to make a $5,000 contribution if the WOFFORD students can reach their goal of 555 participants. The press conference, needless to say, started at 5 p.m. that day (Oct. 5).

The students at WOFFORD want to show the alumni and the Spartanburg community that we are really behind the college’s effort to renovate Main Building, says Leigh. We are excited about this project because we know how important the building has been in the college’s history, and that alot of fond memories are tied to it.

Founded in 1854 and related to the United Methodist Church, WOFFORD was South Carolina's first independent college to receive a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. It continues to be recognized in national guidebooks as a leader in liberal arts higher education.

The campus is also known across the United States as the summer training camp of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.

Enrollment at WOFFORD is about 1100 men and women. Campus social life revolves around more than 50 organizations and a Southern Conference NCAA Division I athletics program. Each week, students provide more than 1500 hours of voluntary tutoring and other support to nearby human service agencies.

For more information about The Five Drive, please contact Anthony LEIGH at 597-5249, or Glenn BRIDGES at 597-4181.

Give ’em a high five: Students challenge alumni to help renovate "Old Main"

555 WOFFORD students multiplied by $5 each equals $2,775. That’s the formula that triggered $28,824 for Main Building renovations this fall.

On Oct. 5, WOFFORD’s Campus Union launched the "Five Drive," a student fund-raising campaign to renovate Main Building. A month later, they had not only surpassed their goal, they had also sent a message to the Wofford community — Main Building is important to us. We want it preserved, and we’re willing to take the first step.

"Every student who ever attended WOFFORD College has had a class in ‘Old Main’ and has sat in LEONARD Auditorium," said Karla OTROSZKO ’99, Campus Union secretary. "For many of us, myself included, these people are our grandfathers, fathers, sisters or cousins. I’ve often wondered if my grandfather or uncle sat in the same classrooms I sit in now. For me, ‘Old Main’s’ history is a part of my history as well."

The "Five Drive" started as an effort to heighten school loyalty. "I wanted to do something to educate students on the importance of giving back to the college after graduation," said Campus Union President Anthony LEIGH ’99. "What better way than giving to Old Main?"

The Campus Union’s goal during the drive was to encourage 555 students to give $5 each. As further motivation, the college’s Development Office asked five alumni to each offer $5,000 challenges for the project. Dr. R. Dale VILLEPONTEAUX ’68, Joe E. TAYLOR, Jr. ’80, Charles H. "Sandy" DAVIDSON IV ’70, John R. BROWN ’58 and E. Michael O’TUEL III ’67 agreed to serve as challenge donors for the project.

After a month of dorm storms, phone calls and personal pleas, Campus Union representatives and other student leaders raised $3,824 from 561 students. According to LEIGH, the senior class led the campaign with 74 percent participation and $1,244.

"This is a great endorsement of a critical project of the college," said Executive Director of Development David BEACHAM ’77. "The commitment and unity demonstrated by this group of students will serve as a great example to alumni and other friends of the college as we continue to encourage support for the Main Building project." by JoAnn M. BRASINGTON ’89

      "WOFFORD FAMILY HELPS RENOVATE OLD MAIN"-------"MAIL YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TODAY!"-------To contribute, call the main number for WOFFORD College, (864)597-4000, Development Office, check made out to WOFFORD College, marked Old Main Fund, 429 North Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303."

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