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First Mississippi Artillery Regiment

The following information is taken directly from Units of the Confederate States Army by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. Published by Derwent Books; Midlothian, Virginia. (c)1987. To order this book, click the link or scroll down to our bookstore:
1st Artillery Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1862 with eleven companies. During the war the various companies served as both light and heavy artillery but not as one command. The regiment was assigned to the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and Companies A, C, D, E, G, I, and L were captured at Vicksburg. Companies B, F, H, and K were captured at Port Hudson. After being exchanged, Companies A, B, C, D, F, G, I, K, and L were assigned to the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, Company E to the Trans-Mississippi Department, and Company G to the Army of Tennessee. All disbanded before the end of the war. It's commanders were Colonel William T. WITHERS, Lieutenant Colonel James P. PARKER, and Major Benjamin R. HOLMES and Major Jefferson L. WOFFORD.



WANTED: Photograph of Colonel Jefferson L. WOFFORD.

QUERY: Is the Colonel/Major Jefferson L. WOFFORD listed above one and the same as the Jefferson Llewellyn WOFFORD, Jr. born 1834, married in 1853 to Octavia TORREY? By the birth years, it would appear so.

IF SO, Jefferson Llewellyn WOFFORD, Jr. was the son Jefferson Llewellyn WOFFORD, Sr. & Margaret Harriet Allen PARKER.

My friend, Fred GROTH, had this information to add: "The 'Confederate Veteran' Vol XIX, 1911 contains the obituary of Colonel Jefferson L. WOFFORD, (1834 - 1911). While it is quite complete, it is woefully lacking on his parents. All it states is that he was born in Vicksburg, MS, and his father was "a man of means, and left a large inheritance for that day." Does anyone have any information on this MS native, especially who his parents were?"

Can someone supply me with a copy of this obituary? Has anyone obtained a copy of his military records? If you know the definitive answer and/or have documented sources, won't you please let us know at WOFFORD Database?

Kristi's note: All my source information had him listed as Major. Fred wrote again to add:
Please promote him to Colonel.
Again, correct rank is Colonel.

There is a portrait photograph of the man on page 587, Volume XIX (1911) of the "Confederate Veteran." If someone can find a good copying machine at the same place as the volume, you'll be in luck. My copy is too faint for any type of scanning; that was done at the History Commission in Little Rock. Regards, Fred

SOURCE CITATION: W. T. DIXON, III on his webpage about the History of Mississippi Artillery - First Regiment, Light Artillery Company B first lists the officers and then states: "Captain- A. J. HERROD, First Lieutenant- T. L. SORRELS, Junior First Lieutenant- J. B. EDRINGTON (killed at Plains Store), Second Lieutenant- Joseph A. PURVIS, Junior Second Lieutenant- J. E. D. ROWE, Junior second Lieutenant- I. C. HENLEY.

Company B of the Mississippi Artillery First Regiment of Light Artillery was first organized as the "Vaughan Rebels" near Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi, about February 4, 1862. They were mustered in at Vicksburg for a period of twelve months, with an unofficial roll of one hundred sixty-nine non-commissioned officers and men. From Vicksburg they were sent to Meridian, where they re-enlisted for the duration of the war, and were ordered to Canton, thence to Jackson to join WITHER'S Regiment. At that time they were equipped with six guns. After the surrender at Port Hudson**, and the exchange, Lt. HENLEY commanded the company in WOFFORD's Battalion. Capt HERROD, upon being exchanged, reported at Mobile on February 29, 1865, and was assigned to command a battalion of artillery."

Dunbar Rowland's Military History of Mississippi, page 464." 1996 by W. T. Dixon, III.
His page can be viewed at DIXON.

**In 1863 at the Battle of Port Hudson, Misissippi, Confederate Maj. General Franklin GARDNER surrendered his garrison of 5500 men to General Nathaniel P. BANKS after a siege of six weeks. Cited from: "The Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates". 10th Ed. New York: Harper Collins Publishers, 1997. (Submitted by KDG)

Find out more on the SIEGE OF PORT HUDSON at SIEGE.
All of you researcher's be sure to check out the great bibliographic list of sources for Port Hudson that he has posted. Use your 'BACK' button to return here.
Even more bibliographic sources for Port Hudson can be seen at PORTHUD.DOC.
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Mississippi played a leading role in the war, both politically and militarily. Jefferson DAVIS, a wealthy planter and resident of Warren County, was elected President of the Confederate States of America.

The Magnolia State offered her bravest and most noble sons to the cause of the Confederacy and boasted of some of the war's most capable, colorful, and controversial military leaders including Earl VAN DORN, L.Q.C. LAMAR, Benjamin HUMPHREYS**, William BARKSDALE**, Carnot POSEY**, and Richard GRIFFITH. Soldiers from Mississippi served in the major armies of the Confederacy and shed their blood on fields of battle in the significant theaters of operations.

Some of the most bitterly contested actions of the war occurred in Mississippi. The Magnolia State experienced 772 military where else was the devastation better illustrated than in Vicksburg. Thousands of townspeople were forced to..........

**The BARKSDALE, HUMPHREYS, and POSEY families intermarried with the WOFFORD family.

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Confederate Mail Carrier : From Missouri to Arkansas Through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee by James BRADLEY / Published 1990
The Gentle Rebel : The Civil War Letters of 1st Lt. William Harvey BERRYHILL, Co. D, 43rd Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers. by William Harvey BERRYHILL.
A Life for the Confederacy : As Recorded in the Pocket Diaries of Pvt. Robert A. MOORE, Co G 17th Mississippi Regiment Confederate Guards, Holly Springs, MS. by Robert A. MOORE / Published 1987
Military Annals of Mississippi : Military Organizations Which Entered the Service of the Confederate States of America, from the State of Mississippi. by J. C. RIETTI / Published 1997
Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations by Betty Couch WILTSHIRE
Resource Records of Pike/Walthall Counties, Mississippi, 1798-1910 : containing a complete reprint of Pike County, Mississippi, 1798-1876, pioneer families and Confederate soldiers, reconstruction and redemption.

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