L.U.Cipha NEWZ

I just found out that Gates of Hell cassettes are NOT gonna be available....EVER!!! Thats right, Hex called the manufacturers and they hadn't even started makin the tapes so Hex just called the whole thing off...and said FUCK IT...so now there are only 1000 copies of Gates Of Hell cd's and when they're gone they're gone so you better get your sorry un-worthy ass over to Lucipha.com or get info from this site and order that wicked BITCH!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!

Sup, Gates of Hell is available now! But only on CD format. Hex was pissed when the cds were mailed to him with no cassettes. But Gates of Hell cassettes should be available soon.

Also, L.U.Cipha is comin out with a shit load of new stuff later on this year. In that shit load of stuff include 3 new cds and new shirts and also some postcards! So get your pennies saved and purchase those wicked bitches!

Sup. If any of you wanna buy DEVIL MASK, the solo cassette release from Hex, you better do so now because there are only 100 copies left. And since I'm gettin a shit load of money real soon, you better get your ass to the mailbox and send your cheese before I get my grummy hands on all 100 of them!!!!!!!!!!

Lucipha will be coming out with new shirts later on this year. They will have the devil-halo logo on them, as seen on the Hex Gates Of Hell album. You can also see what the devil-halo looks like at LUCIPHA.com or the 1134 productions site. They are gonna be PHAT yo!