Buy L.U.Cipha shit

here is the ordering information that I copied from If you want more go to cuz they know a hell of a lot more then I do. Any questions go to

| Description | Item # | Price

L.U.Cipha "Witchez Brew" CS 1134001 $7.00


HEX "Devil Mask" CS 1134002 $5.00


HEX "Gates Of Hell" CD ERM5295CD $15.00


HEX "Gates Of Hell" CS Coming Soon ----

Black  L.U.Cipha Devil T-Shirt 666187 $10.00

Send CASH (preferable, just make sure its conceiled) or Money Order (made out to "David Ort") for CDs and Cassettes to:

1134 Productions
P.O. Box 7656
York, PA 17404

Send money for T-Shirt to (make Money Order out to "Keith Dignan"):
433 Hartsdale Rd.
Viriginia Beach, VA 23462

All prices have shipping included except international orders (add $2.00 to total order)


You Need To Know: We accept cash and Money Orders ONLY! No checks! Make sure cash is tightly conceiled! CDs and Cassettes are usually shipped 1st Class and take about a week to get to you. Shirt sizes are XL or XXL Get Witchez Brew and Devil Mask for $10. Buy two GOH CDs, get one FREE!!! If you suffer severe injuries while listening to our music, it's YOUR fault!