Forgotten Freshness

This album has 2 discs and has all of the fogotten and rare ICP songs! Some of te songs on this album were NEVER realesed on an album! Their was also an older version of forgotten freshness and it is EXTREMELY RARE!

Hey Vato

Dead Pumpkins

Fat Sweaty Betty

Willy Bubba

Graveyard w/Project Born

Fuck Off

I did'nt Mean Kill 'em

Southwest Strangla

Santa's a Fat Bitch

Witching Hour w/Myzery

Mr. Johnson's Head Remix

Clown Love

Hokus Pokus Headhunta'z remix

Red Christmas

House Of Wonders

Mr. Rotten Treats

Piggie Pie (Old School)

I'm Not Alone

85 Bucks An Hour w/Twiztid

Halloween On Military Street

Dog Beats

Mental Warp