The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

This album also had no bad songs on it. All of the songs were cool and none of them sucked like carnival of carnage. This album was released in 1999. Jake and Jack Jeckel. Jake Jeckel is the one that is frowning and Jack Jeckel is laughing I think.


Jake Jeckel

Bring It On

I Want My Shit

Bitches! w/ Old Dirty Bastard

Jerky Boy Skit 1


I Stab People

Another Love Song

Everybody Rize

Play With Me

Jack Jeckel

Fuck The World

The Shaggy Show w/ Snoop Dogg

Mad Professor

Assassins (a remake of the Geto Boys classic)

Jerky Boy Skit 2

Echoside w/ Twiztid

Nothing’s Left