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My Family Stars

"He determines the number of stars,
He gives to all of them their names."...Psalms 147:4

Genealogy research is not new of course, as family lineages have been documented throughout history. The bible records several ancestral lines, and the lineage of Christ through both his mother and "earth" father are reported in Matthew and Luke; however, with a completely different set of ancestors.

In Matthew (1:1-17), the ancestral line is recorded through Joseph as the legal (rather than natural) father of Christ. This Davidic line was racially mixed in that it included Gentiles as well as Hebrew ancestors. Ruth, wife of Boaz and great grandmother of David, was a Moabitess, thus gentile blood is in the Messianic line. Matthew traces the lineage of Christ back to Abraham.

Luke (3:23-38) traces Christ's genealogy through Mary, which was not inappropriate for Luke since he was a Greek. However, it was not customary among the Jews to trace genealogy through a female so Luke, in order to conform to Jewish custom, mentions Joseph as a son of Heli (Mary's father). This meant that he was a son in the sense that he was the husband of Heli's daughter (genealogy was confusing even then). Luke traces the lineage of Christ all the way back to Adam.

Okay, enough of the history lesson! My name is Rebecca Hogue Bannon (Knowing Lady), and I am proud to introduce the stars of my family! Currently the Hogue, Jelks, Lewis, and Myhand Family Stars are active; however, others will be soon. As more clues are uncovered and new information gathered, new stars will be added and information on the existing ones revised. This is an ongoing labor of love, and I hope you will enjoy reading about my family and perhaps even find a link to your own. Do let me hear from you if you have any questions or feel that we might be related somehow. I will be happy to share any information.











Helpful genealogy links can be found on my links page. I will be continuing to add new links so keep checking back. Thank you for stopping by; I hope you will enjoy browsing through all my pages. You are welcome to send me an Email or sign my guestbook.

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