Lab Simulations

Extra Credit

You will go directly to the site and register. All of the instruction sheets can be printed from that site and you can click on the simulations from that site as well. If you have any problems, please let me know.


The startup page is

On the left side, you will see a column that has "First Time Visitor Sign-In". Click on this link and register.

You will find all the instructions and simulations under the "Web-based Simulations" link. This is under your Personal MoLE access page.

In the right column/frame, there will be a 3-column table with many links. Below is the list of possible lab simulations that you may do. Each lab simulation will be worth extra credit.

FYI - Everyone should have different results based on what they do.

Listed below are the lab simulations. The first listing is the first column, the second listing is the second column (which is also the column you get your instructions when you click on the link - all are pdf files), and the third column link is the actual simulation.

Some of these will be long, therefore, they will be worth more points. You must complete at least one section or part to receive any points. Some of the simulations have several parts and some may be more than you want to tackle. You should be able to do the first parts of all of the experiments.