I Wanna Be With You

Hey everyone! It's been a long time but I have updated. I've had quite alot of emails about the story concerning the lack of updates - not that I blame any of you. But I promise I am going to keep writing...I need closure on the story as much as you do! So I will keep on writing for as long it takes until it's finished. So please keep reading and PLEASE LEAVE FFEDBACK!

Just a quick note about the Buffy theme- I do love Buffy, but trust me, this storyline IS vitally important and is going somewhere. So even if you hate Buffy, do keep reading!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Hey! As you know I had to start a new mailing list, as Listbot deleted my old one (grr). Well, basically, alot of the emails I send out seem to be bouncing back to me from various addresses. If you signed up and you are not getting the emails, chances are your account is one of these that is bouncing. I'm going to send out the update email to all my subscribers but if alot still bounce I think I'll have to delete them from the list...but please, please, please resubscribe if this is the case.
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I Wanna Be With You - 6 girls, 5 boys, each with their own complex personality and even more complex personal lives. Find out what happens when love and fame mix; and when they learn that nothing is ever quite what it seems....It is rated R for sexual content and adult language

Do you like my dolls? I love them, thank you angel89! From left to right: Ally, Kim, Sarah, Lara, Emilie, and Nicki!

Show Me The Meaning - IWBWY's Sister Site

This is Show Me The Meaning, my sister site! It is a truly awesome fan fiction and Andrea kicks butt! Go check it out, it has my stamp of approval!

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This site opened on August 14, 1999

DISCLAIMER: This site is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, living or fantasy is purely fictional. Any reference to the BSB girlfriends is purely fictional, and for the sake of the story.. I do not hate any of them, I am sure the are great people. I actually support the girlfriends all the way. All work on this site including all ideas for chapters is done by the webmistress (Alyssa). Any taking of these works will be classed as plagorism and is strictly prohibted.

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