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<Never ending Story>

I was once depress
till I saw you
excitement and love then came through
took every beat of my heart
to say I love you
but then my luck has stop

Seeing that ring
made my heart turn blue
all because of you
and all the love that came through
even if you're taken
I still love you

With everyone saying
"there are plenty of fish in the sea"
I don't believe
because you're the one,
the one for me.

But why me?
with out you I can't be free,
free from love ,
free from destiny
truly this can't be
loving you is all I see

But now I can see again
the time that I be free again
thoughts of you are the thing of the past
I should of known that this love wouldn't of last

But parts of me still love you
and my mind will always have a place for you
because I still think of you...