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A Piece of Heart

Careless I am
that I came up to you
and ask you your name
but the pause gave me a fright
that your the type
that says "get out of my sight"
but when you open your mouth
I heard a name only of an angel

Seeing bright lights that gave me a feel of no reality
and with no hesitation
I let my heart go free
and give it to destiny

You gave me your heart in return
and for that, I gave you a touch saying "I love you very much"
We kiss, we hug
became lovers that love each other very much

Our moments of Shakespeare came to an end
where one became two
and we became friends
but saying that we're through, that's not true
because I still love you

Your the one that I want to be close to
so how can it be?
are we through?
can this be true?
without you I'm in the ocean where it's blue
drowning of love
because of you

I try and try but there is nothing I can do
but take some chance of happiness and go on with out you

So I hold a piece of your heart
close to mine and hope that everything will be fine
remembering you time after time....