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William H. Hinds Family

William H. and Mary Jane (Baufman) Hinds

William H. Hinds was born in Tennessee on August 26, 1840 and died in Braggs, Oklahoma on March 13, 1911. He was a Union soldier in the Civil War.

Mary was born in Missouri on August 9, 1841 and died in Braggs, Oklahoma on June, 11, 1918. Mary was a full blood German.

William and Mary were married in 1862 and came to Indian Territory from Arkansas about 1895 or 1896. On the 1900 census the information stated there were twelve children born to them, however we only have record of eight children.

William and Mary were buried at the Old McCracken Cemetery east of Braggs and moved to Greenleaf Cemetery in 1942.

William H. and Mary Hinds had the following children...

John Henry Hinds (my great grandfather)Lafayette (Fate) HindsFrank HindsMollie HindsSally Hinds

Other children not pictured are William (Bill) Hinds, Malissa D. Hinds, Martha Hinds. There may have possibly been three or four other children in this family.