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Item List


Antidote-cures poison
Awakening-cures sleep
Bicycle-helps travel faster
Bike Voucher-used to get bike
Burn Heal-cures burns
Calcium-boosts special
Carbos-boosts speed
Card Key-opes silph co. doors
Coin-used to play slot machines
Coin Case-holds coins
Dire Hit-boosts attack effectiveness
Dome Fossil-used to clone new pokemon
Elixer-gives 10PP to all abilities
Escape Rope-used to escape current area
Ether-gives 10pp to one ability
Exp.All-used to share experience
Fire Stone-triggers evolution
Fresh Water-cures 50hp,quenches thirst
Full Heal-cures any condition
Full Restore-cures,restores all HP
Gold Teeth-helps warden speek
Good Rod-used to fish for pokemon
Great Ball-used to catch pokemon
Guard Spec.-disables special attacks
Helix Fossil-used to clone new pokemon
Hp up-raises hp meter by one point
Hyper Potion-cures 200 hp
Ice Heal-cures frozen pokemon
Iron-boosts defense rating
Item Finder-exposes hidden items
Leaf Stone-triggers evolution
Lemonade-restores 80hp quenches thirst
Lift Key-activates elevator
Master Ball-used to catch pokemon
Max Elixer-restores all pp
Max Ether-restores all pp to one ability
Max Potion-restores all hp
Max Repel-prevents random attacks
Max Revive-revives,restores all hp
Moon Stone-triggers evolution
Nugget-sells for 5000$
Oak's Parcel-belongs to proffesor oak
Old Amber-used to clone new pokemon
Old Rod-used to fish for pokemon
Paralyze Heal-cures paralyze
PokÚ Ball-used to catch pokemon
PokÚ Doll-distracts opponent
PokÚ Flute-wakes sleeping pokemon
PokÚdex-used to store pokemon data
Potion-restores 20hp
PP Up-raises pp meter by one point
Protein-boosts attack
Rare Candy-boosts level by one
Repel-prevents random attacks
Revive-revives fainted pokemon
S.S. Ticket-used to board S.S.Anne
Safari Ball-used to catch pokemon in safari zone
Secret Key-opens cinnabar island gym
Silph Scope-identifies ghost pokemon
Soda Pop-restores 60hp,quenches thirst
Super Potion-restores 50hp
Super Repel-prevents random attacks
Super Rod-used to fish for pokemon
Thunder Stone-triggers evolution
Town Map-shows entire game
Ultra Ball-used to catch pokemon
Water Stone-triggers evolution
X Accuracy-boosts accuracy temporarily
X Attack-boosts attack temporarily
X Defend-boosts defense temporarily
X Special-boosts special temporarily
X Speed-boosts speed temporarily