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Our earliest ancestor of the Frogge family of Virginia was Colonel John Frogge, born abt.1710-1717, probably in Scotland or Virginia. "Some believe John is the grandson of Alxander William Frogge who was born in Edinborro Scotland, about 1652. Alexander had several children in the 1670 & 80's one of which was named John.(DT Froedge, of Kentucky) a great number of parish records have been searched in the Midlothan area of Scotland at the Scotish Records Office, to(DT Froedge, of Kentucky) no avail, and the Geneology Library in London which had lots on school graduations in England and Scotland in that era, also to no avail. There is a cite from a listing of the Register of the Overwarton Parish that John's birth was around 1709, which conflicts with other cites of 1717." (DT Froedge, of Kentucky) Others, have thought and believe, that John Frogge was the son of Jonathan William Froke and Mary Elizabeth Epperton of Maryland.( I have no proof for either conclusion, Stan Hodges ) He is also called Major John Frogge in some accounts. John Frogge married Elizabeth Strother daughter and heiress of William Strother died 1733. The Mother of Elizabeth Strother was Margaret Watts, daughter of Richard Watts.>>>>> In a Deposition taken in 1793,Colonel John Frogge is stated to be about eighty three years old. This was a record of the District Court of Fredericksburg Virginia. This would make John Frogge to be born about 1710. Colonel. John Frogge left a last will and testament in the County of Bath Virginia in the year 1795, listing all of his children. >>>>>The eldest of which was William Frogge born:1741, with wife Mary Mitchell, daughter of Corneilius Mitchell.>>>>> Arthur Frogge, Died 1770 Killed in a duel in Virginia. Capt. John Frogge Jr. Born: May 26, 1745 Greenbrier Co. Virginia. married Oct.1770 Augusta Co. Agatha Lewis his first cousin. John died: Oct.10,1774. Pt. Pleasant VA. Killed in battle. >>>>>Margaret Frogge, Married John Cowardin. >>>>Agatha Frogge married 1st John Oliver, 2nd Thomas Edington. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The eldest son of John Frogge and Elizabeth Strother, William Frogge, and wife Mary Frogge lived in Greenbriar Co. (west) Virginia. and Cumberland and Clinton County Kentucky. Mary Frogge died in 1831 in Kentucky. she is mentioned in the book "A Lighthouse in the Wilderness", a history of the Baptist church in Clinton County Kentucky. William probably died in 1832. Arthur Frogge is listed as his executor in land sales in 1833. Wm Frogge and wife Mary were the parents of the Following children:>>>>>William Frogge, Born 1771 in Greenbrier Co. Virginia, married Oct.4,1804. Cumberland Co. Kentucky, Mary Polly Merit. William died 1828, Cumberland Co. Kentucky.>>>>>John Frogge, Born:1773, Greenbrier Co. Virginia, Married April 26,1788 Greenbrier co. VA. to Lucretia Bailes. Died 1802 in Cumberland co. Kentucky.>>>>>Elizabeth Frogge born:1774, Greenbrier Co. Virginia, Married Sept. 19,1792, Albemarle Co. VA. to Henry Spering (Spring).>>>>> Arthur Robinson Frogge born: April 13,1776, Greenbrier Co. Va. Married Jan.31,1799 Wytheville, VA. to Jane T. Richardson Married second April 18,1841 Fentress Co. Tenn. Luvisa Smith. Arthur died; May 13,1855, Fentress Co. Tennessee.>>>>> Strother Frogge Born:1778 Greenbrier Co. Virginia, Married Feb. 13,1800 to Sarah Richardson, daughter of William Richardson. Strother died after 1850 in Fentress Co. Tennessee.>>>>> Margaret Frogge Married Dec.15,1801. Greenbrier Co. VA.>>>>> Mary Polly Frogge Married:Dec.27,1792 Greenbrier CO. VA. to James Guinn >>>>>Their son Strother Frogge removed from Virginia or Kentucky into Eastern Tennessee, then into Fentress co. Tennessee. His wife was Sarah Richardson, daughter of William Richardson. >>>>>Mitchell Frogge son of Strother Frogge, removed from Fentress Co. Tennessee to Scotland Co. Missouri about 1855. Mitchell had married his cousin Rebecca Hays Richardson. Mitchell Hays Frogge died in Scotland Co. Missouri in 1886. He is buried in the Frogge Lore cemetery, near Mt. Pleasant Missouri. >>>>>Mitchell Frogge and Rebecca Richardson are the parents of the following children: >>John Richardson Frogge born: Aug.25,1825. married Margaret Parker Oct. 23 1851. John died Jan.1,1906.>>>>>Eleanor Frogge born: 1828 Married 1847 to George Washington Campbell. Eleanor died Aug.5,1905.>>>>>William Richardson Frogge born: 1830 Married Mary Elizabeth Vanorman. William died 1911.>>>>>Hyram Missap Frogge born:Aug 1832. married 1856 Catherine Woods, Hyram died 1904.>>>>>Jasper Newton Frogge born:May 25,1835. married Louise Houston on Feb.9,1873. Jasper died Feb.20,1920.>>>>> Sally Sarah Frogge born: 1838 married Dec.21,1870 to Joseph U. Smith. >>>>>Strother Madison Frogge, born:1840 Married Jan.2, 1864 to Mary E. Forrester. Strother died:March 28,1892. >>>>>Jeffery Richardson Frogge born: Aug.1842, married Feb.18, 1873 Mary J. Lowery.>>>>>Robert Richardson Frogge, born: Oct. 9,1845.married Abt. 1880 to Anna Marie Gray. Robert died Oct.23,1923.>>>>>Jane Frogge born 1846.>>>>>Mitchel Bowen Frogge born; Nov.2,1847. married Nov.4,1875 Belle Margot Huston. Mitchell died: June 25,1935.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Several of the sons of Mitchell Frogge moved to Oklahoma Terrirtory in the 1890s. One of these was Robert Frogge and wife Anna Gray, daughter of James Gray and Lydia Sarepta Hathaway. Robert Richardson Frogge and wife Anna Gray moved to the Chickasaw Nation in 1893. Their son Perry Lawson Frogge could remember the move by covered wagon at the age of three years old. Later they moved to Paden Oklahoma, in Okfuskie Co. Oklahoma. The children of Robert Frogge were as follows: Lawrence Frogge, Della Frogge, Ella Frogge, and Perry Lawson Frogge. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I have Della Frogge born Feb.27, 1881 in Scotland Count Missouri ,, at the town of MT.Pleasant Missouri. Married about 1916 to Lee Webster Coleman and Della died Sept.2,1970-71. For Jake Danes the first marriage, there were no dates, but Jake and Della did have a son named Earl Danes,,, Della and Jake got a divorce.this is all we know about the first marriage. For Lee Webster Coleman Born 1871 or Sept.5,1869 married abt.1916 to Della (Frogge) Danes. Jake died 1947 or 1949. There is a set of dates for these people because some came from a distant cousin Jane Farmer. others come from cemetery records at Paden. I do not know which are correct? As for the children::of Della and Lee Coleman; Lawrence (Buck) Coleman and Florence (Sister) Cleo Coleman were twins born March 21,1917. their other brother Jack Dempsey Coleman was born July 20,1919. Lawrence married a woman named Lenora ( last name unknown ) Florence married Alva Langley. marriage of Jack Dempsey is also unknown. according to our records all were born in Paden, Okla....................... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX >>>Perry Lawson Frogge born: May 7, 1890 in Scotland Co. Missouri Married April 1,1909 to Viola Faye Williams in Paden Oklahoma. Viola was the daughter of Jackson Williams and his wife Diantha (Warner) Williams. The Williams were from Eastland Co. Texas. Perry and Viola lived in Paden till 1927 when they moved to Rogers Co. Oklahoma and settled on a farm owned by John Denbo. The children of Perry and Viola were as follows: Grace Marie Frogge born Jan.22,1910. Helan Frogge born 1914 and Forrest Frogge born 1919. >>>Grace marie Frogge married Garnet Raymond Hodges on May 26,1928 at Claremore Oklahoma. Raymond was the son of Robert Fielding Hodges and Margaret Elizabeth Greenlee... Raymond Hodges was born: Aug.23,1902 in Rutledge Tenn. Grace and Raymond were the parents of the following children: Alma June (Hodges) Crow, born april 1929 >>Horace Thomas Hodges, born june 16,1934 >> Marice Samuel Hodges born June 16,1934 >> Robert Ray Hodges born June 1941. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Raymond Hodges died dec.15,1981. His wife Grace Marie (Frogge) Hodges, died July 7,1999,,In Council Hill, Oklahoma. Both are buried in the Park Grove Cemetery, in Broken Arrow , Oklahoma.>>>>> Through the Strother Family, The Frogge and Hodges Families of Rogers Co. Oklahoma are descended from the Strother and Thornton Families of Virginia. Through the Gray family listed above they are descended from the Hathaway and Lawson Families of Virginia.Through the Hathaway Family the Frogge family was also descended from Isham Hodges of Henry Co. Virginia.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!