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Big Shout Out to My Cyber Friends

*Melissa and I were tickled to find out I was born very near where she now lives. She's a great boost to my ego; always encouraging me and telling me how much she likes my site. She has a great site herself, the premise of which is her opinions on just about everything Hanson. You should check it out by Clicking Here. Thanks, Melissa! Luv ya!

*Stephanie is a new friend of mine, and like me, she is a writer by trade. She teaches it, and her site features not only her stories, but those of her students as well. She's a great gal to bounce ideas off of. We talk often now, and I'm really enjoying getting to know her. Clicking Here will take you to Stephanie's site. Thanks for all the giggles and good advice, Steph!

*April is an incredibly gifted, visual writer. Her stories are deeply erotic without being smutty. If you're over, say 14 and have a relatively open mind, you should check out her site by Clicking Here. April, thanks for your compliments. I return all the good things you said to me about my writing to you threefold.

*Special thanks, as always, go to Julie. She was my first big fan and has remained one of my biggest supporters. She always gives me encouraging feedback and eggs me on to live my dreams. She's also the reason a lot of us are getting to know each other. You can get to Julie's site by Clicking Here. Jules, you are the best!

*I doubt that I would have gotten as many hits as I have without the help of an awesome host site and its webmistress, Amanda (probably better known in Hanfic circles as "Llamesque"). She was so good to me ... taking a chance on linking the first time work of a fledgling Hanfic author, and even honoring me with "recommended" status. She has a great site, which you will go to if youClick Here. It has more than 500 links, plus her own stuff. Amanda, thanks for drawing us all together in such an awesone way.

*One of my best cyber friends is an awesome author by the name of Sharon (aka Keridwen Moonshadow). I was a little intimidated by her at first, because I was basically accused by an anonymous e-mailer of lifting her idea because our stories (which, I might add, are radically different in most ways) have a similar premise. Okay, we're both adults, we both love Isaac ... DUH! What do you suppose our stories would be about? Anyway, she put my fears to rest, and we've had some good giggles over any number of things. Clicking Here will transport you to Sharon's page.

*Jenn and Sab ~big wave!~ are probably two of the sweetest girls I have ever met online. Sab is from Australia, as is Jenn. Anyway, they work tirelessly on their Yahoo! club, "Stories Will Be Told." I know a lot of my site traffic happened because I am a member of this club, and you should be, too! Clicking Here will take you to our club page, where all sorts of shananigans are always going on. Tell 'em luvthatike sent ya! Links to their story pages are there, and they are very much worth reading.

*Another of my favorite clubs is run by Bri. It's Ikeaholic. If youClick Here, you can take a gander at Bri's cool site.

*One of the very best Hanson sites I've seen is one most everyone's been to, Hanson House. It's updated all the time, and has the best pictures, videos, audio, and everything else you can imagine. Click Here for a great Hanson experience.

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