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Walker Family Page
Walker Family Page

This is my husband's maternal grandparents - Marie Walker and James Joseph Marks. Most of the people on this page were born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. (If this starts to get confusing, just go to the chart below.)

Marie is the last of four daughters born to Mary Anna McDaniel and Francis Miflin Walker was a tanner by trade. Her siblings are: Henrietta; Bessie m. William Goldsmith; Helen m. John Fogel; Margarite m. John Frederick MacIlwain; and Edna m. Howard Hettick. ~~ Marie's mother - Mary Anna - was the third child and a twin born to Katarina Kilnaker (born in Germany) and Willaim A. McDaniel. Mary Anna's siblings are: Adalaid m. Francis Erwin; Anna Mary (twin) m. Joseph Klein; Lillian May m. Howard Peiffer; and Harry. ~~ Marie's father - Francis - was one of six children. His siblings are: Samuel; William; Sally; Mary; and Anna.

James (who was a clothing trimmer at H. Freeman and Sons Clothing House in Philadelphia, PA) is the only child born to Margaret Mabel Larkin and Joseph Roy Marks. ~~ Margaret was the first child born to Mary Hamilton and James Patrick Larkin. Her siblings are Francis; Hamilton; Joseph; and Charles. Unfortunately, I don't have any other information on Joseph Roy...he is really cloaked in secrecy right now.

Walker Descendant Tree

I. Katarina Kilnaker (b. Dec. 1, 1847) m. William McDaniel (b. Apl. 12, 1849)
  1. Adalaid (b. Sept. 13, 1866) m. Francis Erwin
  2. Mary Anna (twin) (b. Dec. 5, 1873) m. Francis Miflin Walker (b. Jan. 1, 1873)(profession - tanner)
    1. Henrietta (b. 1893)
    2. Bessie (b. Feb., 1895) m. William Goldsmith
    3. Helen (b. Nov. 10, 1896) m. John Fogel (b. Dec. 13, 1898)
    4. Margarite (b. Spt. 16, 1897) m. John Frederick MacIlwain
    5. Edna (b. May 4, 1901) m. Howard Hettick (b. 1901)
    6. Marie (b. May 27, 1905) m. James Joseph Marks (b. Aug. 14, 1903)(profession - clothing trimmer)
  3. Anna Mary (twin) (b. Dec. 5, 1873) m. Joseph Klein
  4. Lillian May (b. Oct 22, 1885) m. Howard Arnold Peiffer (b. Jly. 20, 1885)
  5. Harry

II. Margarite Paul m. _______________
  1. Francis Miflin (b. Jan. 1, 1873)(profession - tanner)
  2. Samuel
  3. William
  4. Sally
  5. Mary
  6. Anna

III. Mary Hamilton m. James Patrick Larkin
  1. Margaret Mabel (b. Aug. 26, 1881) m. Joseph Roy Marks (b. Feb., 27, 1881)
    1. James Joseph (b. Aug. 14, 1903)(profession - clothing trimmer) m. Marie Walker (b. May 27, 1905)
  2. Francis
  3. Hamilton
  4. Joseph m. Mame
  5. Charles m. Marie

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Last update April 7, 2001