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Ever since I was a Brownie Girl Scout and first learned about fairies, (my grandmother confirmed each and every story) I have been intrigued with the idea of seeing one of them! Have you ever tried to find a fairy? They say fairies can be found in that part of the day just before sunrise, before the darkness is completely gone. ~~ Well, when I heard this I tried every morning for a week or so to see one. As you can imagine, it can be difficult for a six year old to get up in the summer much before 7 am, let alone at 5:30 am when the sun begins to rise!

Since I haven't had the good fortune to see one "in the flesh" so to speak, I have adopted three from the DRealm of the Fairies. Aren't they beautiful?

Please do not take these!!!!

If you would like to adopt one, just click on one of the adoption certificates and the fairies will wisk you to that wonderous kingdom!

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One morning while checking my email, I was soooo surprised to be honored with this award....Thanks sooooo much **curtsying** :-)

*~*~* Cheers *~*~*

Here are some of the cheers I've written while with the Cherub Champions!

Sing a song of good cheer,
The Cherub Champions are here!
We love to sing and cheer and shout.
Of that there can be no doubt!
So if you're wondering what is that you here?
It's the Cherub Champions, my dear!

I'm a Cherub Champion and
I couldn't be prouder!
If you can't hear me

Goooooooo Cherubbssssss, Yeaaaaahhhhh!

We're all right!
We're okay!
We are Cherubs and we're here to stay!!!

from Legends of the Sword

I do not support the kidnapping of halos!

Sponsored by Halo Central

from Catspaws

from Brandy

The Fourth of July at the Site Fights was incredibly creative! If there is one thing you need to understand is that there are two sides to the Site Fights. First, there is the helpful, generous, and incredibly creative side...then there is the side that likes to PARTAE!!! I don't mean the average run-of-the-mill party...I mean P A R T A E!! I'm not very creative yet with my HTML...but I'm learning something new every day.

The award below was for answering 15 word scrambles correctly! Thank you sooooo much :-)

I had such a wonderful time at the Site Fights Birthday party!! The chat room was the best part...getting to talk to soooo many people...what a blast!!

Below are some of the gifts I received!!

Cherub Champtions Pendant The Wandering Fairies


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