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Band Parents Association

Vice Presidents


  • John Henfey
  • Mary Gangloff
  • Sharon Darigo
  • Terry Cannon
  • Joe Lever
  • Rev. Thomas P. Gallagher, O.S.F.S.

Tradition of Success

Meetings -- On the evening of the second Tuesday of every month during the school year, the Band Parents meet to discuss upcoming activities, concerns of the faculty and parents, and plan future activities.

Football Games -- With an elite team of hot chocolate distributers, the Band Parents assist in transporting and setting up equipment and giving out snacks after halftime.

Parades -- The Band Parents accompany the band along the parade route providing water to the students as they march.

Concerts -- The Band Parents are asked to tell their friends and families to come and enjoy a wonderful evening of performances. However, during intermission the parents volunteer to sell soda and cakes.

Flea Market -- The Father Judge Flea market is set up and run by the Band Parents to benefit the band and the scholarship fund. The parents rotate to sell 50/50 chances and items from the band table.

Spaghetti Dinner -- Our annual dinner, which benefits the Band, is prepared, cooked, and served by our Band Parents.

St. Patrick's Day Social -- This social involves dinner and dancing for our Band Parents and their friends. Since this is a beef and beer event, students are NOT invited.

Band Parents Scholarships

  • The Band Parents have established a scholarship fund for freshmen who excel in music.

  • The Faculty and Executive Council decide who will receive the scholarships based on musical ability, involvement, loyalty, and financial need.

  • Attendance during Summer Band Camp is necessary to be eligible for a scholarship.

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Updated August 6, 2001