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Tips for the Beginning Genealogist
Genealogy 101
Tips for the Beginning Genealogist

Step Five

I know this is quite a bit of information for all you newbies. However, it is necessary to really understand your roots. ~~ Go slowly...I started my research with interviewing my parents and grandparents. They had an incredible amount of information to impart. Next, was verifying everything. (I'm still in this stage!)

Stay organized...create a file for each of the surnames you will be researching. Color code if necessary. Try not to get bogged down by every name you come across. Pick a select few, preferably, follow your maternal and paternal grandparents lines.

But most importantly...don't give up!!! Sometimes you may hit a brick wall is worth it! I think the biggest benefit I've received from my research is the family ties that have been reestablished...what a blessing!

"Do not underestimate the value your research will have on future generations!!!"

Wooo did it!!!! Pat yourself on the back and celebrate!!!

Coming soon...Genealogy 201...the lessons continue!

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Last update July 25, 2001