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Tips for the Beginning Genealogist
Genealogy 101
Tips for the Beginning Genealogist

Lesson Two

Record the story of your family. I like to use a high quality tape recorder or digital camcorder. I know some of our older family members might not like being recorded...but let's face it, we don't know how much longer they will be with us. And wouldn't it be wonderful to create a family video to show at reunions? To hear the old stories as told by the person who lived at that time...!! If you do chose to do this, record in a quiet, undisturbed location. While recording, speak in a clear and natural voice. Have a few key questions ready (to keep you focused), but let the interview go it's natural course...

Use some or all of the following guideline to assist you in compiling your family history:

  1. Names in full.
  2. Births - When (day, month, year) and where.
  3. Parent's names in full and names of grandparents.
  4. Pre-school period - earliest memories, recollections of parents, older brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, other relatives.
  5. Childhood memories - early friends; schools; teachers; advisors; adventures; dreams of the future.
  6. Young adulthood - thoughts on growing up; home life; high school days; choice of residences, college or work and the reasons for each choice; educational, governmental or military experiences.
  7. Courtship and marriage.
  8. Children - where born; church christenings or blessings, circumcisions, children's personality development as they grow; hopes and aspirations for the children; awards received.
  9. Vocations - jobs held; preparation for life's work; success in work, awards and special recognition.
  10. Church/Synagogue activities - positions held and services given.
  11. Political or Civic activities - positions in organizations held and services given.

Ready for Lesson Three? ya go!!!

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Last update July 25, 2001