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Tips for the Beginning Genealogist
Genealogy 101
Tips for the Beginning Genealogist

Let me start by saying "Keep and open mind!"

Everyone remembers things don't start a huge fight because Aunt Suzie remembers an event differently from Uncle Howard!!! Write it all down, ask as many people's opinions as possible. You be the final this the direction I want my research to go?

Also, here's a BIG one...document everything!!!!! I cannot stress this enough!!! If some relatives don't mind giving you the original documents, great. If they live far away and want to mail them to you, DON'T. I don't have alot of faith in our mail system. Ask them to make a photocopy and send it to you. ~~ Just because they were lucky enough to get the original one time, does NOT mean it can happen again!!! People change jobs, letters get lost, you'd be amazed at what can happen. Protect your originals by making a photocopy from which to work and file the original at an off-site location.

~~ If you are going to use any of the genealogy software currently available...I have two things to say...first...backup your files FREQUENTLY...everytime you make a change is a really good idea. Second...print out all your information and make a second copy to be stored with your other orignals! ~~~ I know this seems to be an awful lot of work, but if you've ever had a computer crash and forgotten to backup your can be a nightmare!!!

Now with that said...pencils ready? Let's begin!!!

Lesson One

My first suggestion would be to find forms that you feel comfortable using. There are a variety of them available...I have found these to be extremely useful and not too confusing. I believe they are public-domain so you can copy them as needed.

Genealogy Forms

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Last update July 25, 2001