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Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
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"Cead mile failte"
(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes) we are...another reason to celebrate!!! I must admit, this is one of my favorite minor feast days! As a society, we don't always take the time to reflect on our common history and how we can have either a positive or negative effect on one another. That is why I like St. Patrick so much! Even though he was captured and enslaved as a young man, he chose to go and share his faith with the very people who enslaved him. To me, that just speaks volumes! Click here and check out my research on St. Patrick.

As a continuation of my 'Lil Cooking School on the Web, may I offer a glimpse into my Irish kitchen, with Irish Cooking 101. All of these recipies are easy and can usually be made in one pot. ** My favorite way of cooking :-) **

If you need to brush up on your Celtic folklore, click here. Find out how to spot a leprechaun or other wee folk!

Check out how this feast day is celebrated in Ireland St. Patrick’s Festival 2001

Island Ireland is an Internet directory to Irish art, culture and environment with hand-picked links to Irish history, architecture, music, news, genealogy, travel, literature, folk culture, archaeology, the Irish language and more...

If you don't understand the news about the north of Ireland, read the full story in The Irish Eyes Online Newspaper They give you in-depth information when the mainstream media runs a 30-second report... Plus insightful commentary that will change the way you think about "The Troubles."

For the Wee Ones...and Mum and Da

ZDNet has come up with some pretty neat downloads St. Patrick Downloads

You'll find crafts, games, cards and more with which to celebrate!
St. Patrick’s Fun at Kid’s Domain

I like this site... Debbie's Unit Factory
She as quality theme units for teachers and home schoolers. Very easy to navigate...check it out!


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