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Trick or Treat
Safety Tips

Previously, I had the American Red Cross listed here for safety issues. Since that link is no longer available, I decided to list as many safety tips as I could. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Happy and Safe Trick or Treating!!

{Costume Hints} {Safety Tips} {Just for Parents}

Costume Hints

Safety Tips

Just for Parents

  • Get into the Halloween spirit and go with young children on their trick or treat route...
    maybe in costume!

  • Be sure older kids travel together in a group. Never let your child trick or treat alone.

  • Approve all costumes to be sure your child can move easily and has full visibility.

  • Check your child's treats for any items that look suspicious.

  • If you are staying home to give out treats, why not dress appropriately in costume!
    The kids will get a treat and you'll have fun too!


Created October 5, 2001