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Halloween Sounds

Feel free to download any of these files....first, right click on the name then
select "Save Target as..." and choose where you want to save your file!
It's that please do not link directly to these files!

Midi Files

Bells Tolling

Theme "Tales from the Crypt"

"Death March"

Theme from "Ghostbusters"

"Phantom of the Opera"

Theme from "Psycho"

"Time Warp" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Theme from "The Twilight Zone"

Okay...for some strange reason, if you have GoZilla, it will automatically start
to download these files when you click on them...these files are safe. I run my
anti-virus program everytime I download something from the 'net!

WAV Files

Bells Tolling

Evil Laugh

Heart Beating

Hooting Owl


Wolf Howling

Created October 4, 2001