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Donna's Halloween Page

Donna's Halloween Page

It's Halloween time again in my little glen on the 'Net. And as usual here come the countless questions as to the origin of Halloween! (Probably because my family has long standing Irish pun intended!) Based on innumerable homilies I have heard over more than twenty years, this is the explanation I like best.

Halloween has a big connection to All Saints Day. The word "hallow" means "holy" or "consecrated." We use this word in The Lord's Pray "...hallowed be thy name." Halloween is the shortened form of "All Hallows Eve"...the evening before Hallows Day. (This is All Saints Day to us!) ~~ Got it!

Now here's where the Irish come in. November first in the ancient Celtic calendar began the new year. Every culture has its own way of celebrating the beginning of the new year with songs, feasting, and revelry. The Celts were no different! They believed that on that night, past, present, and future became one. While Celts celebrated a successful harvest, the spirits of the dead returned to seek warmth and good cheer in the face of the approaching winter. The wary living placed skull-shaped Jack-O'Lanterns carved from turnips around fires to keep evil spirits at bay.

If you want to know more about this spooky holiday, check out
The History Channel Halloween Page.
They have more information here than you can shake a broomstick at!! heheheheeeeee!!!!!

The Mexican culture has an interesting way of celebrating this day as well. Check out Dia De Los Muertos a.k.a. The Day of the Dead. ~~~ This is really interesting site...some history, activities, photographs and cool links!

Keep checking back as I hope to update this page almost daily. I'm working on a few superstitions regarding Halloween.

So with this in mind....have a happy All Hallows Eve. And don't eat tooooo much candy!


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