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DiCicco/DiPrimio Family Page
DiCicco/DiPrimio Family Page

My husband's paternal grandfather was Raphael DiCicco (b. November 16, 1894 -
d. October 4, 1967) a private cement and brick contractor. He also fought in the Great War (that's WWI to you and me!!) As far as I know, Raphael only had one sibling, Francis, who had a son named Arthur, who had a son named Francis.

Raphael married Amelia DiPrimio (b. July 6, 1900 - d. November 25, 1972) on November 25, 1921. Both were born in Italy, in a small town near Abruzzi, but met and married in Philadelphia, PA. (From what I understand, this town it is heavily populated with the DiCicco family members!) They had three children: two boys and girl, of whom the boys are still living. The daughter, Assunta, passed away in December, 1989.

Raphael's father's name was Anthony. Amelia's parents names were Concetta and Anthony DiPrimio. ~~~ Unfortunately, that's all I have. Maybe you can help fill in the missing links!

DiCicco Descendant Tree

I. ______________ m. Anthony DiCicco
  1. Raphael (b. Nov. 16, 1894) m. Amelia DiPrimio (b. Jly. 6, 1900)
    1. Son - had two children
    2. Assunta - had one child
    3. Son - had two children
  2. Francis
    1. Arthur
      1. Francis

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