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  Carr Family Page
Carr Family Page

Carr Coat of Arms

My paternal grandparents are James Joseph Carr, Jr. and Bertha Florence Stahl. James was born on April 5, 1908 in Philadelphia, PA. He was the first of four children born to Gertrude E. Esbenson and James Joseph Carr, Sr. ~~~ James Jr.'s siblings are Rosella Carr (m. Russell Cane), Charles Carr and Marie Carr (m. William Clarkson). ~~~ James Sr. was born in 1855 in Ireland and died August 30, 1917 in Philadelphia. All I know about Gertrude is she was born in Germany.

~~ Bertha Florence Stahl was born October 26, 1914 in Pennsburg, PA (now part of Roxboro). She was the second of four children born to Adda Irene Faust and William Stahl, Sr. who were Mennonite. (I am in the process of trying to locate their former congregation. Hopefully this will help fill in a few gaps in my research!) Her family then converted to the Lutheran faith. Bertha converted to the Roman Catholic faith in 1988. Her siblings are Russell Stahl, Ann Stahl, and William Stahl, Jr.

~~ William Stahl, Sr. was born in 1868 in Pennsburg, PA on Jacob Street. ~~~ Adda was born in 1890.

As you can see there are many holes in this research. If you think you are related, please let me know!

Carr Descendant Tree

I. James Joseph Carr, Sr. m. Gertrude E. Esbenson
  1. James Joseph Carr, Jr. m. Bertha Florence Stahl {They had 12 children.}
  2. Rosella Carr m. Russell Cane
  3. Charles Carr
  4. Marie Carr m. William Clarkson

Faust Descendant Tree

I. Jennifer Bertha ________ Faust {All of these children were born in Roxboro, PA}
  1. William
  2. Harold
  3. Fritz
  4. Charles
  5. Adda Irene (b. 1890) m. William Stahl, Sr. (b. 1968)
    1. Russell (b. Oct. 2, 1906)
    2. Bertha Florence m. James Joseph Carr, Jr. {They had 12 children}
    3. Ann (b. Jan. 22, 1916)
    4. William, Jr. (b. Sept. 29, 1923)

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Last updated March 10, 2001