Welcome to RPG Systems, Inc. This is a fanfic chatroom RPG project in which various anime, video game, and other character types are brought together. What this means is this: Characters are designed by the players, and no Player Characters (PCs) are from any other source. Also, we use a chatroom for players to train their PCs, and to interact with the other players. A good time to come into the chatroom is between 3pm and 9pm EST. For anyone new to the RPG, read the rules to decide one way or another about staying, then go to the join page to apply for a character.

Sholace Quei!

The adopted son of Sarn Quei is here! Download his physical description here.

A New BBS System!

We have a new system, and it's all because I have the well being of my members in mind... (No, really, I do.) Thanks be to Mirai Trunks for finding the system before I did, since it was his board which got me thinking about it. If anyone wishes to visit the old board, you can click here.

A New DOS Program!

That's right, we have a new DOS program for you, written by yours truly. It's a program to roll dice and either display the dice roll total or each single die. I know it's not much, but it could be helpful. At any rate, it's written in C, and I've supplied the source code (just in case you want to know how it works).
Roll.exe, 20k - The actual program
Roll.c, 3k - The source code

DOS Program Comes To Windows!

Woo, I finally did it! It's written in Visual Basic 6, and I'm proud of my little baby. ^_^
Roll.exe, 20k - The actual program
Roll.frm, 3k - The form file
Roll.vbp, 0.7k - The project file

More Fun With Dice!

Well, I made a program to roll dice for White Wolf. ^_^ Be proud of me. It even comes complete with an option to reroll 10s.
WolfRoll.exe, 16k - The actual program

Proposed BBS Rules

I've worked up a meek beginning to a set of BBS rules, mostly centered around the character races. Some of you might recognize the system, since it's basically D&D 3rd Edition. ^_^
As can be expected, I claim no rights to any of TSR's (or WotC's?) original stuff, only mine that I derived from theirs. :)
BBS Rules, type 1.00 (D&D)
BBS Rules, type 2.00 (BoF)

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DBZ RPG, ran by Mirai Trunks, an old friend of mine.


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