Individual Bios Cont...

Here are the other 2 members of Orgy.

Bobby Hewitt

Name: Robert Jonathan Fernandez or Bobby Hewitt (Hewitt is the last name of his wife, which he took when they were married)

Nicknames: Bobby, Bob.

Insturment in Orgy: Electric V-drums.

Type of Drums: Roland V-drums.

Born: November 13, 1968.

Where Born: CA.

Astro.l Sign: Scorpio

Hair Color: It's either black or brown naturally, he has it in brown and blonde spikes.

Eye Color: Brown.

Ethnical Background: Spanish, Latin something like that.

Status: he is married to porn star Shannon Hewitt.

Fav Food: pizza.

Fav Place to Hang-Out: Crazy Girls.

Fav Bands: KoRn, Placebo, Deadsy, Nirvana, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, Videodrone, Motley Crue, The Cure, Judas Priest, Love And Rockets.

Fav Song to Perform Live: "I couldn't tell you, I love them all," says Bobby.

Fav Clothing/Make-Up Desingers: Gucci, Raf Simons, Hugo Boss, Helmut Lang, Creepers & Cool Shoes, MAC, Lip Service, Make Up Forever, Urban Decay.

Other Projects Besides Orgy: Bobby appeared in a film called "Don't Look Back" with his twin brother Fabio, also appeared in one of his wife's productions.

Other Interesting Stuff:

- has a twin brother named Fabio and sister named Patt

- has three big dogs at home

- he was the bestman at Pamela and Tommy Lee's wedding

- recently got his eyebrow pierced

- he speaks Spanish too!

days 'til Bobby's next Birthday!!!

Ryan Shuck

Name: Ryan Christopher Shuck.

Nicknames: Ry, Ry Ry (aw tha'ts so cute).

Insturment in Orgy: Guitar.

Other Instruments: he may also play some bass guitar

Type of Guitar: Ibanez seven-strings and Rolands.

Born: April 11, 1973.

Where Born: Taft, CA.

Astro. Sign: Aries

Hair Color: Naturally brown and curly. Dyes it blonde with black spikes, and red with black spikes.

Eye Color: blue.

Status: has a girlfriend named Stephanie.

Fav Movie: Sci-Fi. kind of stuff, Star Wars.

Fav Alcoholic Beverage: Beer and merlot. "Chances are if Jay picks it, I'll like it," says Ryan.

Fav Food: onion rings

Fav Place to Hang-Out: Crazy Girls (like the others).

Fav Bands: KoRn, Placebo, The Cure, Deadsy, Love And Rockets, Radiohead, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, Videodrone.

Fav Song to Perform Live: "It's constantly changing, I couldn't tell you," says Ryan.

Fav Clothing/Make-Up Desingers: Gucci, Make Up Forever, Urban Decay, Raf Simons, Helmut Lang, Creepers & Cool Shoes, MAC, Lip Service.

In the Past: Played guitar with KoRn's Jonathan Davis in band "Sex Art" and was a hair dresser at The Crew salon.

Other Projects Besides Orgy: sang on Coal Chamber's remixes of "Sway," and modeled for Calvin Klein Jeans.

Other Interesting Stuff:

- his only love as a child was comic book girls, he even used to draw them naked in school and sell them for lunch money.

- attended beauty school

- joined Jonathan Davis in a band called Sex Art.

- he met his girlfriend Stephanie at Crazy Girls

- he loves Sci-Fi movies, shows, and books..

- plays video games

- likes to go to the movies

-owns a cat (Jay must not go to Ryan's house very much or maybe not at all)

days 'til Ryan's Birthday!!!