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      What does the Bible really say, and is what it says true? What, for example, does the Bible really say about the date of the Second Coming of Jesus? This question is so important that its answer promises to reveal the answers to other questions about the Bible and God that are of the greatest importance. As a way of beginning, read the "news reports" just below and then take the poll at the bottom of this page. You may also wish to take part in the debate over this question. While you are here, don't overlook the list of outstanding "Research" links provided for your learning pleasure. I think you'll agree that this site has more to offer in the way of valuable thought provoking material and real answers to the most important religious centered questions than any other site on the web. And, believe it or not, the correct answer to the question above has already been established with certainty and is available on this site.

        Many times throughout the last two-thousand years people have been easily fooled into believing the fraudulent claims of religious charlatans and others who were clearly self-deceived. Here is just one famous example.

Kirtland, Mo. Feb. 14, 1835. Today, in a meeting that he said God had told him to call, a local preacher, who calls himself a prophet of God, told an excited gathering of his followers that God had revealed to him that he as well as many of those in the audience would live to see the return of Jesus. It was the will of God, he said, that they should be ordained to the ministry and go forth to prune the vineyard for the last time, because the coming of the Lord was only fifty-six years away. If it is true that God speaks through this preacher/prophet, Jesus will return in 1891. On the other hand, if Jesus does not return at that time then he will be exposed as a liar and a false prophet.

News Update: Carthage, Ill. Jun. 28, 1844. Last night, in an attempt to escape from the local jail,  a self proclaimed prophet of God and leader of a controversial religious movement, was shot and killed along with his brother, Hyrum. The preacher, who recently announced his candidacy for President of the United States and who has come under fire by a few dissenting members of his movement for saying that God had commanded that polygamy be practiced by his followers, was in jail on charges of treason and conspiracy stemming from his involvement in certain recent criminal acts. In 1835, this same preacher/prophet gained notoriety after prophesying that he and other members of his movement would live to see the return of Jesus. Shouldn't it make one wonder what else this man was mistaken or lying about.

The "reports" above are based on actual events. Isn't it amazing that there are millions of people, many otherwise well educated, still following the teaching of that "prophet" and that their numbers are growing daily?

You can access the "Research Links," or "FAQ's" via the buttons below. Don't overlook the COMMENTARY / EXPOSE at the top of the Research links page. It contains the real answer to the biblical date of the Second Coming of Jesus right from the very words of the men who wrote the New Testament.

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What Does It Really Say?
There are several ideas about what the Bible says about the date of the return of Jesus. But who is telling the truth? What does the Bible actually say about the date of the Second Coming? Choose the answer that you think you can prove is the correct one. Concerning the time of the Second Coming of Jesus, the writers of the New Testament really said,

That no one can know when Jesus will return.
That all the signs clearly indicate that Jesus will be returning within the next few years, most likely less than ten. There is nothing to keep him from returning today.
That Jesus will return as soon as everyone on earth has heard the gospel and that is still a long way from happening.
That Jesus was to return as a spirit in connection with the AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem. And he did.
That Jesus was supposed to return in person and in bodily form in connection with the soon to come destruction of Jerusalem which took place in AD 70.
That the ressurrection and eventual return of Jesus was meant to be understood figuratively and not literally.

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