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Gojita's Dragon Ball Z Page


.Hi Dbz fans its gojita and for you DBZ & pokemon fans check out my other page it is dedicated to you.But any way I'll have to work with what I've lets get to talking about DBZ.Why can't they show the series instead of stopping at the episode where Gokou beats up Recoome and is about to start whooping up on Jees & Berta.Oh yeah one last thing before we get way under way DBGT fans I dont know much about GT so I'm only going to talk about DBZ and the only thing about DBGT is final bout on play station.Because I own it.Well now that thats all said let talk some more about DBZ.Why won't they show Trunks kill Frieza.I've seen it but it was in japanese.But it sounded tottally wierd they all had really high voices except Piccollo.I've also seen the movie where Gokou also kills Frieza's Brother Koola.Just like every other villain in DBZ he doesn't die the first time they battle.He lives the first time and then he becomes a droid and every time Gokou blows him up all his pieces become a whole different droid but at the end Gokou blows every piece up so that it can't become a droid. well if you're board now it only gets better.Hey this is the part of my page that I'm going to talk about Dragon Ball GT : final bout.Well actually I've only played the japanese version but soon I will buy the american version either way it is not very hard to understand coz all you really do is battle but it is still a very fun game the best person to me is Cell because of his attacks they are all bomb but 2nd is ssj Gokou his kame-hame-ha attack is killer well there's not really anything much more to say about it than that it is the coolest game in circulation as of now.Hey is you're page not getting enough traffic leave you're url and a message on my message board!And you people who want to join my webring E-mail me & tell me you're E-mail address you're pages url & what you would like yo be called.Anyway I've been offline for a while but now I can put some cool stuff on my page.soon I'll have a scanner so I can put some better pictures on my pics page.And soon my page will be part of the wars on the web and I need members to fight so E-Mail me and tell me youre computer name. Oh now though those of you on AOL instant messenger please E-Mail me you're screen name.Here is my s/n chari06.and please for my sake of mind please E-Mail me & rate my page and those of you bungholes who thinks it's funny to ridicule my page don't E-Mail me or I'll give you a very nasty letter back.

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