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"S.S. TARARUA, Passenger and Crew List"

List of Passengers and crew from the S.S. Tararua from Port Chalmers, 28 April 1881, for Bluff, Hobart and Melbourne.


Garrard F.G.                  Captain          
Lindsay R                     1st Officer
Maloney E                     2nd Officer
Morrison J                    Carpenter
Nicholson T                   Lamps
Burnett J                     AB
Denz F                        AB
Dixon T                       AB
Horan G                       AB
Johnston E                    AB
Polson Hugh                   AB
Stewart C                     AB
Weston J                      AB
Unknown                       AB
Unknown                       Boy Brass Cleaner

Jones W.B.                    Purser

Adams W                       Donkeyman
Armstead Alfred               Fireman
Armstead S                    Trimmer
Corbett C                     Fireman
Livingstone Alex	      2nd Engineer
Munro Alex                    Cheif Engineer
Maher Jas                     Engineer's Storeman
Rahel F                       Trimmer
Sutherland A                  3rd Engineer
Unknown                       Fireman
Young J		              Trimmer

Ellen Chas                    Cheif Steward
Warren Jas                    2nd Steward
Brien Wm                      Bedroom Steward
Cartledge Thos                Bedroom Steward
Aitken Miss J                 Stewardess
Smith WM                      Pantryman
Haynes Thos                   2nd Pantryman
Collins W                     Forecastle Steward
Davidson W                    Assistant Steward
Silva Chas de                 Officers Steward
Miscellief Antonio            Cheif Cook
Kaimena Louis                 2nd Cooc
Unknown Aucklander            Butcher


NAME                          DESTINATION       CLASS     M F C
     From Auckland
Bell William                  London             1st	  1
Kelly Miss Mary               Hobart             2nd        1
Denz Mrs                      Melbourne          2nd        1
Chatterton Mr                 Melbourne          2nd      1
Sarah Mr                      Melbourne          2nd      1
     From Tauranga
Brennan Mre and children      Hobart             2nd        1 3

     From Napier
Daly J                        London             2nd      1

     From Wellington
Burgett C                     Melbourne          1st      1
Downes Mr, Mrs E.W.M.         Melbourne          1st      1 1
Marsh R.B.T.                  London             1st      1
O'sullivan T                  London             2nd      1
Williams John                 London             2nd      1
Holt Charles                  Melbourne          2nd      1
Davis T                       Melbourne          2nd      1
Wiltshire Geo                 Melbourne          2nd      1

     From Lyttelton
Lawrence G                    Bluff              2nd      1
Sharp Mr                      Bluff              2nd      1
Boyle Mr                      Bluff              2nd      1
Waterhouse Rev. J             Melbourne          1st      1
Waterhouse J                  Melbourne          1st      1
Richardson Rev. J.B.          Melbourne          1st      1
Mitchell E                    Melbourne          1st      1
Connell E                     Melbourne          1st      1
Armitage Rev. J               Melbourne          1st      1
Jones Mrs, W.B.               Melbourne          1st        1
Crawford R.M.                 Melbourne          1st      1
Campbell Dr and Mrs
  5 children and servent      London             1st      1 2 5
Gordon John                   London             1st      1
Gough Charles                 London             1st      1
Gillingham T                  London             1st      1
Gough Neil                    Melbourne          2nd      1
Green Mr. W                   Melbourne          2nd      1
Bassett W                     Melbourne          2nd      1
Ashworth J                    Melbourne          2nd      1
Hill Mr and Mrs and child     London             2nd      1 1 1
Wallace J                     London             2nd      1
Young Wm                      London             2nd      1
Hanson B                      London             2nd      1
Scoone J                      London             2nd      1
Jones T                       London             2nd      1
White Wm                      London             2nd      1
Davis Daniel                  London             2nd      1
Carlberg Carl                 London             2nd      1

   From Dunedin
Bailey Thos                   Bluff              1st      1
Bryant Mr and Mrs             Hobart             2nd      1 1
Eva J.O.                      Melbourne          1st      1
Ramsay W.O.                   Melbourne          2nd      1
Master Munro                  Melbourne          2nd      1
Wright Robert                 Melbourne          2nd      1
Robins George                 Melbourne          2nd      1
Martin George                 Melbourne          2nd      1
Dean Robert                   Melbourne          2nd      1
Dobson Wm                     Melbourne          2nd      1
Andrews H.N.J.                Melbourne          2nd      1
Barry John                    Melbourne          2nd      1
Anderson P                    Melbourne          2nd      1
Rae A                         London             2nd      1
Gray G                        London             2nd      1
Young J                       London             2nd      1
Anderson J                    London             2nd      1
Bainbridge J                  London             2nd      1
Walsh R                       London             2nd      1
Dowdall M                     London             2nd      1
Shevrar C                     London             2nd      1
Cook H.A.                     London             2nd      1
Deeley Henry                  London             2nd      1

The above list was taken from the Purser's Passenger Statements. 
Note, the Dunedin passengers were taken from the Ticket Board Block

The passengers below are reported to have joined the Tararua at 
Port Chalmers on 28 April 1881 without booking at the Booking Office.

Paisley Alex 
Ellis Alex
Brennan Martin
Nicholson Peter
MacKay Donald
Hardie Mr
Wilson Mr
Flaherty John
Welsh Roger
Flowers Edward
MacFarland A
English Dennis
English Wm
McLaren Mr
McKenzie Mr
Inglis Mr
Cook Henry. A
Gibb Henry
Cochrane Mr
Paul Jane
Dunn Mrs and 4 children
Gorton Daniel
Chapman John
Glenson Peter Christian
Brown Robert

Known Passengers:   63 Men     9 Women     10 Children
Supposed Passengers 23 Men     2 Women     4 Children
Crew                39 Men     1 Woman

Total on board of 151 people, of which 20 survived, leaving a loss 
of 131 lives.

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