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The “MARIE ANGE” 1884, Barque

Believed to have been lost with all hands in The vacinity of Solander Island or Foveaux strait, towards the end of July 1884. The barque sailed from Newcastle on July 8, bound for Port Chalmers, and was never seen or heard of again.

On July 29, an Orepuki miner, working a beach claim there, picked up a ship’s medicine chest on which was painted the name “Marie Ange”. Several days later he lifeboat, measuring 18 feet long, badly stove in and otherwise damaged, was found about two miles west of Colac Bay, and two oars bearing the barque’s name were found on the Riverton Beach.

An extensive search in the vacinity of Preservation Inlet, where fires had been reported on Red Head by the master of the steamer Ringarooma, Solander Island, and Stewart Island, by the government steamer Hinemoa, failed to reveal any castaways or wreckage, and a further search by the government schooner Kekeno was also fruitless.

The Marie Ange, No. 62,917, was an iron barque of 275 tons register, built at Llanelly, Wales, in April 1870, by ==== Nevill, and her dimensions were : length 128.5 ft, beam 24.3 ft, depth 14 ft. She was under the command of Captain Mabb, and was owned by Buesnel and Co, of Jersey

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