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The “APARIMA” 1899, Schooner

Foundered at Colac Bay, Foveaux Strait, during a south-easterly gale on May 25, 1899, and was completely broken up. The casualty was caused through heavy seas breaking on board and carrying away the hatches, with the result that the vessel filled and sank. No lives were lost. The schooner was evidently engaged in the mutton-bird trade, and her cargo comprised mutton-birds and firewood.

The Aparima, No. 76,072, was a schooner of 22 tons register, built at Riverton in 1855, and her dimensions were : length 47.5 ft, beam 14.9 ft, depth 5.6 ft. She was owned by Messrs. J. Metzer and J. P. Roberts, of Campbelltown (Bluff), and was commanded by Captain Joseph Cross.

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