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The “AMAZON” 1852, Schooner

Totally wrecked at Bluff Harbour on August 8, 1852. The schooner was returning after a successful whaling cruise to obtain more casks for oil, and when running into port against a south-east wind under foresail and topsail, struck on what is now known as Pelham Rock, near the pilot station. No lives were lost, but of her cargo of oil and bone, only about ten tons of oil was saved. The Amazon, registered No. 3 of 1847, Port of Wellington, was a schooner of 120 register, built at Jacobs River, (Riverton), Foveaux Strait, in 1847 by Peter Scott, and her dimensions were : length 77 ft, beam 22.4 ft, depth 10.3 ft. She was owned by Captain Howell, of Jacobs River.

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