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Storm Spotters Frequencies

Here is a list of storm spotter frequencies....When they are activated for severe weather you will here them being referred as WA5LVT Tulsa Weather..Tulsa 146.88-SECONDARY, I think this repeater is back in service so it might be the primary one in use during severe weather if not, then listen to 146.94. 146.94-Tulsa County and surrounding towns-PRIMARY also Tulsa Emergency Operations monitor and talk on this repeater 443.85-linked repeater for all of Eastern Oklahoma. This repeater is very important to listen to due to the fact that it is linked to many repeaters in Eastern Oklahoma. Be Sure to have it in your scan set up during severe weather. Broken Arrow 146.91-This is Broken Arrow's Emergency Operations frequency. They usually have a net when severe weather threatens and they monitor WA5LVT Tulsa Weather on any of the given above. They can also be heard on 444.0 for the UHF side of the band. Then there is one more for the more southern part of the county.
145.23-This repeater is in Liberty Mounds and is activated during a severe weather event. They also monitor WA5LVT Tulsa Weather.

Thank you very much for this information P. J. Maguire.