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Welcome everyone to my Trivia page.
So you think you know about Racing?
Test your skill here.......
With these 25 questions

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1. Who won the most poles in a single Winston Cup season?

2. Who led the first lap at the first Southern 500 at Darlington?

3. Name the only Driver to win a Racing Cup race at Rockingham....while pitting on the back stretch.

4. Name the only Winston Cup Driver to lead every lap of a Nascar Superspeedway race.

5. Which Driver won the most Winston Cup races in his Nascar rookie year?

6. Who was the original owner of Robert Yates' racing team?7. Richard Petty drove a convertible in the first daytona 500?....True or False?

8. Name a Driver who carried McDonalds sponsorship in a Winston Cup race before Bill Elliott

9. What Driver led the most consecutive races in Winston Cup History?

10. How many different teams did Joe Weatherly drive for in winning the 1963 Winston Cup Championship?

11. Who was the first Nascar Driver to win over $100,000 in career earnings?
br>12. Which Team has won the most superspeedway races in Nascar?

13. Name the first Driver to win a Winston Cup race using tubeless tires.

14. Who holds the record for leading the most Winston Cup races in a row?

15. Where did Mark Martin score his first Busch Grand National win?

16. Name the Driver who was told he could not run a Winston Cup race because of his paint job.

17. Which Make of car won Nascar's first manufactures points champonship in 1952?

18. What knickname did Alan Kulwicki give the car he drove to the 1986 Winston Cup Rookie Title?

19. What team won the first Nascar Pit Crew Competition held annually at Rockingham?

20. Who was the first female driver to win a Busch Grand National Pole?

21. Bobby Allison is known as the leader of the "Alabama Gang", but where are Bobby and his brother Donne originally from?

22. Has Terry Labonte ever won the IROC Championship?

23. Who won the first night Winston Cup superspeedway race?

24. When was the first auto race held at Watkins Glen?

25. In what position did Kyle Petty finish in his Winston Cup debut?

For those of you that didn't know the answers
(I am sure most of you did)

Here they are:

1. Bobby Isaac: He won 20 poles in 1969.

2. Gober Sosebee

3. Neil Bonnett turned the trick in 1988. He started 30th and had to use the back stretch pit.

4. Fireball Roberts led every lap of the Winston Cup race held at Hanford, California, in 1961.

5. In 1965, Rookie Dick Hutcherson won an amazing 9 races.Because he was champion on the IMCA circuit....he was not eligible for the Rookie Of Te Year award.

6. Harry Rainer

7. True. He lasted all 7 laps.

8. Ron Esau at Riverside, California in 1986.

9. Bobby Allison. In 1971 to 1972, he led 39 consecutive races.

10. Nine...Its a record

11. Herb Thomas

12. The Wood Brothers

13. Junior Johnson won the Southeastern 500 at Bristol, Tennessee, on May 2, 1965

14. During the 1971 an 1972 Winston Cup seasons, Bobby Allison led 39 races in a row.

15. Dover, Delaware....He won the Budweiser 200 on May 30, 1987.

16. James Hylton. In 1982 he showed up with a car that was painted green on one side....yellow on the other side....and had a red roof and hod. Officials thought it would be too confusing for the scorers.

17. Hudson

18. Sirloin.....because it was tough. He was sponsered by Quincy's Steak House at the time.

19. The Wood brothers in 1967. They pitted Cale Yarborough back then.

20. Shawna Robinson won the Pole at Atlanta in 1994

21. Miami, Florida

22. Yes. In 1989

23. Herb Thomas at Raleigh, North Carolina....on Mat 29, 1954, "Under the lights".

24. The village of Watkins Glen, New York...held a race through the streets of the town in 1948. The races were later moved to the course we know today.

25. Kyle finished 9th in his Nascar debut, which occured on August 5, 1979, at the Talladega 500. His father, Richard, on the other hand, finished 17th.

If you find that any of these answers are wrong....
Or if you would like to add a question and answer
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All these questions and answers were supplied by Racing Milestone Magazine.

***More Trivia coming soon***