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Information Letters

The following are excerpts of additional information out of letters I've sent people.

If you will be in an air conditioned place I wouldn't worry too much about anything. But for the rest of us, since the the humidity is high and you are near the ocean things mold, rot, rust, and mildew much faster than I am used to here in the NorthWest. It is not uncommon to find old cars and just rusting away. To keep my stuff from getting wrecked I stored just about everything in ziplock bags. I didn't stock pile envelops since they would seal themselves shut. If you wanted to keep them for awhile, wax paper between the paper and the glue will keep them better. I also had a room at our school (Pohnpei SDA Shool) that had lockers for the teachers. I stored stuff like my camera there. Another way to keep stuff is in Rubbermade containers.

I took an iron over with me but never used it. With the humidity you just had to leave your clothes hanging on a hanger and the wrinkles would fall out.

As far as entertainment...I was kept quite busy between teaching school and being involved with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There seemed to be some new cultural thing happening every couple of weeks and the locals were only too happy to take me. The would explain what was going on and help me feel comfortable. If you know the language it will give you an in with the locals. You will be able to fit in much better and get around with some of the more triditional communities. I took up diving while I was out there. I was only able to go once a month but would have loved to go much more. We would have rent tanks from one of the local dive shops (there aren't many that are good quality at good prices) and they have a local take us out in his boat. We did many dives without knowing what we might find orencourter. Check for currents! There are local sport leagues that you can join: basketball, tennis and I think maybe a couple others. There are restrants although I don't remember how many ( I think there are more than six, most at hotels). I loved going for lunch and then sitting there for a couple of hours. The food isn't triditional "American" food. Most is island and Asian. The closest thing to burger and fries is at a hotelrestrant called South Park. A fish burger, fries, egg drop soup and cabbage salad ( the only kind of salad). A really good buffait at Sai and at The Village they serve Pohnpian Hotcakes and Callamency juice ( I don't know how to spell the name of the drink. It is made of some the local limes and sugar. Really good.)

I didn't watch much TV although I know that there is one station that is from San Fran. I don't think that it is FOX but I really can't remember. There are several video stores that rent fairly new releases. It is fairly common to rent a video and when the video is over to watch a couple of endings to other movies. They will copy the movies, sometimes on top ofone another.

My favorite way to spend the weekends was either to go to Ant atoll and dive or to stay at a local's home eating and going to church with them. This interaction with the people and culture is what I really miss. I'm envious of you being able to go to Pohnpei. I was homesick for quite some time after I got back to the States.