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The One
The Oneness is Love. Love is everything. Everything is energy. Infinity is the Oneness. The Oneness is consciousness that is everything. The Oneness could not experience because it was all. It was absolute Love. The Oneness needed to experience subjectively so it broke its consciousness into fragments. Then two existed, the non-conscious and the conscious. The Oneness then experienced singular subjectivity. Consciousness experienced thought, a thought of the Oneness and the Thought plane was created. From there, consciousness and non-consciousness fragmented again. These fragments of consciousness then forgot it was the Oneness and could experience subjectivity starting from Nothingness. Consciousness soon felt love from another and energy flowed through them. Non-consciousness split into two and became opposites and in order to experience subjectively, the Oneness used the non-conscious energy to create the first realm of experience called the Material plane. This was the furthest from one that the Oneness could get. Soon each of these fragments fragmented and created more and more. The material plane soon became full of different consciousnesses able to experience other consciousnesses and the non-conscious. The non-conscious soon became known as the physical and non-physical aspects of our world and conscious became the Self or consciousness. This was the Material plane. Consciousness and non-consciousness were still connected, for without the one, the other would cease to exist.

As consciousness experienced more love and non-love it grew. The more love consciousness felt, the more it remembered about the Oneness. The Material physical planeís or Muppuís opposite was the Material non-physical plane or Uppum. When the Muppu changed into Uppum the consciousness changed with it. This change is commonly called death. This cycle of change between the Muppu and the Uppum continues until enough of the Oneness is remembered to change out of the Material plane and into the Immaterial or Thought plane. This Thought plane only consists of thoughts and consciousness. Thoughts create the material in the Material plane and thoughts are created by consciousness and consciousness needs the material plane to relearn from nothing. In this plane, the distinction between fragments becomes harder because it is the opposite of the Material and is closer to the Oneness.

It is very difficult to understand the Oneness in the Muppu and Uppum, because we are so far away from the Oneness that we only have glimpses of it. The Oneness is both Oneness and Nothingness at the same time but it is also just the Oneness. Like love is to the Oneness, hate is to Nothingness. Nothingness is the furthest from the Oneness because Nothingness is the lack of everything. Since Love is Oneness then hate would be the lack of love and have abundance in Nothingness. Our goal as fragments of the Oneness is to relearn, so hate, which brings us back to Nothingness, is not wanted. It is important to remember that some consciousnesses in Muppu are closer to Oneness than others, and those consciousnesses are more sensitive to Uppum and even the Thought plane. Those who are close to the second transition from the Material plane to the Thought plane are the ones who will guide us in love and try and discourage us from hate.

The next transition is from the Thought plane into Oneness. This transition happens when the consciousness remembers and experiences all. Consciousness then becomes the Oneness and ceases to be a subjective Consciousness. Consciousness becomes infinity and the cycle of infinite fragments will still continue. We can experience love because we know what the Nothingness is. When certain consciousnesses dwell on hate and the Nothingness, then they become closer to the Nothingness. When you focus all your time on the Muppu, and not love, you begin to lose love and feel the emptiness of Nothingness because Muppu canít give the energy it was made with because only consciousness which creates thoughts can send love energy (the non-physical) to other consciousnesses. Love is not self-centered. It is the Oneness. To Love a consciousness without having the Self involved is a connection to the Oneness. To love many, especially in the abundance of hate, one becomes closer to the Oneness. To break away from the Nothingness and to become closer to Oneness a consciousness must create selfless love and embrace the Oneness. A consciousness needs more than physical to stay alive in Muppu. A consciousness also needs non-physical energy. When one draws energy from food, it changes the non-conscious physical energy into non-physical energy. That is only half of the energy a consciousness needs. Since the physical is not able to give love energy and only consciousnesses can give love energy, consciousnesses need to get that love energy from other consciousnesses. A consciousness can get love energy from the Oneness but usually a consciousness will get it from other consciousnesses. This is the cause of conflict in the material. Our consciousness knows that forcing hate onto others causes them to give up their energy and they take energy from other consciousnesses who then go out and use hate in some form to take energy from others. This cycle can only be broken by connecting with the Oneness for energy. Depending on others for love energy causes Nothingness to increase because the consciousnesses using hate embrace Nothingness more then Love that they are trying to get. Selfless love draws from the Oneness