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Non-Religion Cast away all previous thoughts and soak in this. Think for a moment, that "God" is not an old man, sitting on his throne, commanding angels to do his bidding. Think for a moment that as it is said, that god is everywhere and everything.

Some thoughts on everything



If you christian you should be more like christ. Most aren't. That is the fault of religion. This is the truth. In the begining Christians were persecuted for their beliefs and then when it became main stream the did the same thing to other religions. They even fight amoungst themselves over who is right in their beliefs over Jesus..... If they had the least bit of tolerance he did they would be getting along as they should. I guess it is just human nature to twist and pervert anything that is good.

I guess the religion doesn't bother me except the conversion part and the no tolerance part but the morals and teachings from it are good for any and I think that is why it still is popular.....
Just my thoughts anyways