Aerosmith Songlist
On this page I have attempted to make a complete list of the Aerosmith song catalog. Including their songs, covers, and the like. I also have where each song is from. If I am missing any please e-mail
Make It (Aerosmith)
Somebody (Aerosmith)
Dream On (Aerosmith)
One Way Street (Aerosmith)
Mama Kin (Aerosmith)
Write Me A Letter (Aerosmith)
Movin' Out (Aerosmith)
Walkin' The Dog (Aerosmith)
Major Barbara (Aerosmith Sessions appears on Classics Live II)
On The Road Again (Aerosmith Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Same Old Song And Dance (Get Your Wings)
Lord of The Thighs (Get Your Wings)
Spaced (Get Your Wings)
Woman of The World (Get Your Wings)
S.O.S. (Too Bad) (Get Your Wings)
Train Kept A Rollin' (Get Your Wings)
Seasons of Wither (Get Your Wings)
Pandora's Box (Get Your Wings)
Toys In The Attic (Toys In The Attic)
Uncle Salty (Toys In The Attic)
Adam's Apple (Toys In The Attic)
Walk This Way (Toys In The Attic)
Big Ten-Inch Record (Toys In The Attic)
Sweet Emotion (Toys In The Attic)
No More No More (Toys In The Attic)
Round And Round (Toys In The Attic)
You See Me Crying (Toys In The Attic)
Helter Skelter (Toys In The Attic Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Soul Saver (Toys In The Attic Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Back In The Saddle (Rocks)
Last Child (Rocks)
Rats In The Cellar (Rocks)
Combination (Rocks)
Sick As A Dog (Rocks)
Nobody's Fault (Rocks)
Get The Lead Out (Rocks)
Lick And A Promise (Rocks)
Home Tonight (Rocks)
Draw The Line (Draw The Line)
I Wanna Know Why (Draw The Line)
Critical Mass (Draw The Line)
Get It Up (Draw The Line)
Bright Light Fright (Draw The Line)
Kings And Queens (Draw The Line)
The Hand That Feeds (Draw The Line)
Sight For Sore Eyes (Draw The Line)
Milk Cow Blues (Draw The Line)
KraWhitHam (Draw The Line Sessions Appears on Pandora's Box)
Circle Jerk (Draw The Line Sessions Appears on Pandora's Box, Box of Fire etc.)
All Your Love (Draw The Line Sessions Appears on Pandora's Box)
Come Together (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band Soundtrack)
Chip Away The Stone (Concert Track Released On Gems and Live! Bootleg etc.)
Strangers In The Night (Concert Track On Live! Bootleg medley with "Train")
Downtown Charlie (1978 Session appears on Pandora's Box)
No Surprize (Night In The Ruts)
Chiquita (Night In The Ruts)
Remember (Walking In The Sand) (Night In The Ruts)
Cheese Cake (Night In The Ruts)
Three Mile Smile (Night In The Ruts)
Reefer Head Woman (Night In The Ruts)
Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) (Night In The Ruts)
Think About It (Night In The Ruts)
Mia (Night In The Ruts)
I Live In Conneticutt (Night In The Ruts Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Let It Slide (Night In The Ruts Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Shit House Shuffle (Night In The Ruts Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Riff & Roll (Rock In A Hard Place Sessions appears on Pandora's Box)
Jailbait (Rock In A Hard Place)
Lightning Strikes (Rock In A Hard Place)
Bitch's Brew (Rock In A Hard Place)
Bolivian Ragamuffin (Rock In A Hard Place)
Cry Me A River (Rock In A Hard Place)
Prelude To Joanie (Rock In A Hard Place)
Joanie's Butterfly (Rock In A Hard Place)
Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat) (Rock In A Hard Place)
Jig Is Up (Rock In A Hard Place)
Push Comes To Shove (Rock In A Hard Place)
Let The Music Do The Talking (Done With Mirrors)
My Fist Your Face (Done With Mirrors)
Shame On You (Done With Mirrors)
The Reason A Dog (Done With Mirrors)
Shela (Done With Mirrors)
Gypsy Boots (Done With Mirrors)
She's On Fire (Done With Mirrors)
The Hop (Done With Mirrors)
Darkness (Done With Mirrors)
Instrumental (With Run D.M.C.) (Walk This Way Single)
My Adidas (With Run D.M.C.) (Walk This Way Single)
Heart's Done Time (Permanent Vacation)
Magic Touch (Permanent Vacation)
Rag Doll (Permanent Vacation)
Simoriah (Permanent Vacation)
Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (Permanent Vacation)
St. John (Permanent Vacation)
Hangman Jury (Permanent Vacation)
Girl Keeps Coming Apart (Permanent Vacation)
Angel (Permanent Vacation)
I'm Down (Permanent Vacation)
The Movie (Permanent Vacation)
The Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Permanent Vacation Sessions released on Less Than Zero Soundtrack)
Love Me Like A Bird Dog (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions)
Is Anybody Out There? (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions Played Live)
Take It Easy (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions)
Danger Street (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions)
Hollywood (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions)
Got To Find A Way (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions)
Sleeping Sickness (Unreleased From Permanent Vacation Sessions)
Once Is Enough (Dude (Looks Like A Lady) Single)
Young Lust (Pump)
F.I.N.E. (Pump)
Going Down (Pump)
Love In An Elevator (Pump)
Monkey On My Back (Pump)
Water Song (Pump)
Janie's Got A Gun (Pump)
Dulcimer Stomp (Pump)
The Other Side (Pump)
My Girl (Pump)
Don't Get Mad, Get Even (Pump)
Hoodoo (Pump)
Voodoo Medicine Man (Pump)
What It Takes (Pump)
Deuces Are Wild (Pump Sessions released on The Beavis & Butthead Experience, Big Ones etc.)
Sister June (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Tramp (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Sniffin' (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Buried Alive (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
News For Ya Baby (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Sedona Sunrise (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Brandit (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Guilty Kilt Or Guilty Kitty (Unreleased From Pump Sessions)
Ain't Enough (Love In An Elevator Single)
Theme From Wayne's World (The Other Side Single)
Intro (Get A Grip)
Eat The Rich (Get A Grip)
Get A Grip (Get A Grip)
Fever (Get A Grip)
Livin' On The Edge (Get A Grip)
Flesh (Get A Grip)
Walk On Down (Get A Grip)
Shut Up And Dance (Get A Grip)
Cryin' (Get A Grip)
Gotta Love It (Get A Grip)
Crazy (Get A Grip)
Line Up (Get A Grip)
Amazing (Get A Grip)
Boogie Man (Get A Grip)
Black Cherry (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Dime Store Lover (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Lizard Love (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Devil's Got A New Disguise (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Meltdown (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Legendary Child (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Yo Mama (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Rocket 88 (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Wham Bam (Unreleased From Get A Grip Sessions)
Can't Stop Messin' (Livin' On The Edge Single)
Don't Stop (Livin' On The Edge Single)
Head First (Eat The Rich Single)
Walk On Water (Big Ones)
Blind Man (Big Ones)
Subway (Sweet Emotion reissue single)
Nine Lives (Nine Lives)
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (Nine Lives)
Hole In My Soul (Nine Lives)
Taste of India (Nine Lives)
Full Circle (Nine Lives)
Ain't That A Bitch (Nine Lives)
Something's Gotta Give (Nine Lives)
The Farm (Nine Lives)
Crash (Nine Lives)
Kiss Your Past Goodbye (Nine Lives)
Pink (Nine Lives)
Attitude Adjustment (Nine Lives)
Fallen Angels (Nine Lives)
Trouble (Unreleased From Nine Lives Sessions)
When The Sun Never Shines (Unreleased From Nine Lives Sessions)
Bacon Biscuit Blues (Unreleased From Nine Lives Sessions)
Falling Off (Hole In My Soul Single)
Fall Together (Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) single)
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Armageddon Soundtrack)
What Kind of Love Are You On (Armageddon Soundtrack)
Red House (Only Played Live)
Communication Breakdown (Only Played Live)
Immigrant Song (Only Played Live)
Dazed And Confused (Only Played Live)
Peter Gunn (Only Played Live)
Mother Popcorn (Played Live appears on Live! Bootleg)
I Ain't Got You (Played Live appears on Live! Bootleg)
Rattlesnake Shake (Played Live Appears on Pandora's Box)
Heartbreak Hotel (Only Played Live)
Route 66 (Only Played Live)
Honky Tonk Women (Only Played Live)
I'm A Man (Only Played Live)
Stop Messin' Round (Played Live Appears on Basico Single)
She Cried (Only Played Live)
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Only Played Live)
Live With Me (Only Played Live)
Good Times Bad Times (Only Played Live)
Great Balls of Fire (Only Played Live)
I'm Not Talking (Only Played Live)
Smokestack Lightning (Only Played Live)
Love Me Two Times (Air America Soundtrack)
Batman Theme (Only Played Live)
Shakedown City (Only Played Live)
Your Lover Needs Loving (Only Played Live)
Stone Cold Blues (Only Played Live)
Spider Man Theme (Unreleased Appears on The Spider Man Cartoon Show)
Oh Well (Only Played Live)
Blue Christmas (Only Played Live)
In My Time of Dying (Only Played Live)
The Wanderer (Only Played Live)
Love In Vain (Only Played Live)
Heartbreaker (Only Played Live)
La Grange (Only Played Live)
Cold Turkey (Only Played Live)