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Respect ALL opinions! (This includes those you do not agree with.) This does not mean you cannot state opposing views, only try to use some manner of tact.

Try to keep the topics related to the Occult in posting areas. If it relates to religion, IT IS OKAY TO POST ALL RELIGIOUS VIEWS, however realize that many visitors here DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ORGANIZED/MAINSTREAM RELIGION's.

Understand that this organization DOES POST OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. Please use judgement in exploring if you are UNDER 18. You may want to consider letting an adult accompany you through your trip around Vamp land. (We include kiddie shows, but WE ARE NOT A BUFFY GIRL RAH RAH RAH SITE!)

SAY SOMETHING! Our membership grows everyday, and yet some of you we would never knew existed if your member name wasn't listed in one of the member areas. We want you to VOICE YOUR OPINION whether we all like it or not!

Have a rule to add? Contact or, Thank You.