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From Canada, the country with the highest per capita consumption of donuts on the planet, comes BLOOD & DONUTS, a gonzo vampire comedy. Boya, a vampire of a certain age, awakes after a twenty-five year nap to discover his last paramour, a beautician, is slightly miffed at having been left standing at the gates of immortality. Making his way back into society, he trades in his loneliness for the friendship of a cabbie and a waitress he meets at the only place open 24 hours a donut shop...

Summary: When a vampire awakens after a 27-year hibernation, he scours the local graveyard for fresh blood. Coming up empty-fanged, his search takes him to the local donut shop where he becomes involved in the lives of a sarcastic waitress and a not-too-bright cabbie. A comic horror tale.

Note: While canadian flicks do tend to be a bit "hokey" to us here in the states, Blood & Donuts is one of those rare exceptions. It's funny, lite, and tragic just as a Vampire movie should be. This movie has a romance plot, but does not really romanticise the image of the Vampire. It's definately worth your time!