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THE COUNT DRACULA FAN CLUB (now THE VAMPIRE EMPIRE) was founded in 1965 by Dr. Jeanne Keyes Youngson, and has reigned supreme among Dracula Societies, offering its members numerous benefits including the opportunity to win rare books and other prizes by way of the club's frequent sweepstakes.

The club's well-stocked Research Library has been used by such notables as Norine Dresser, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Martin V. Riccardo, Carol Page, Prof. L.R.N. Ashley, Matthew Bunson, J. Gordon Melton, Elizabeth Miller, Barbara Belford and David Skal. Other club divisions include: THE VAMPIRE BOOKSHOP which specializes in books published by the club's DRACULA PRESS, The Research Referral Centre, Jane OZ's Vault of Vampire Vagaries, The Monster Menage, Maggie's Morgue (formerly THE VAMPIRE'S VAULT at #1 Fifth Avenue), The Golem Group, The Lugosi Legacy, The Werewolf in Fact, Fiction & Fantasy, Special Interest Division, etc.

THE COUNT DRACULA FAN CLUB's list of Patrons is impressive indeed, and includes Nicolae Paduraru, Norine Dresser, Katherine Ramsland, Bernard Davies, and Dr. Arthur Roth who writes: "No other Dracula Society offers as many membership benefits, provides as many services, or furnishes as many creative outlets as THE VAMPIRE EMPIRE. The society promises to continue to maintain a delicate balance between the serious aspects of the vampire genre and a light-hearted approach, thus appealing to all age groups."