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[*Last Updated June 21, 2000*]

This a an unoffical Hanson page, that doesn't consist with Hanson themselves, in ANY way. We are just fans informing others about Hanson! The articles we got these magazines from have no relation with this page and we would appreciate it if you would not get mad at us for using them.

Hey Everyone!! We are Erin, Pam, and Virgina. We're obviously the producers of this page. Anyone who visits this site, please inform us of our mistakes so we may correct them AND don't forget to sign the guestbook! If you would like to contribute to our page, please email us, with what you would like to contribute to as the subject! By the way, we hate to have to say this, but please do not copy! We don't mind if you use our pictures and information just as long as you have our consent and give us credit! Thanks and enjoy! ~Love~
*~Erin~*, *~Pam~*, and *Virgina*
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Call the Hanson hotline at 1-918-446-3979! Remember, long distance charges apply. Or leave a message on the Hanson Fan Answering Machine at 1-605-355-6570 (remember, long distance charges and this ISN'T Hanson's home phone number)
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