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Government And My Views

The Government...few understand it, including those involved in it. These are my views, opinions, and wishes. First off...I believe that our government has lost all dignity and deserves little respect. I feel this way because of the way politicians are owned by big buisness, special intrest groups, and lobbyists. I believe that some relations with these groups is necessary and respectible, however today's politicans and government officials often consider these groups over their constituents and their needs. I understand that often the politicians themselves are fed up with special intrest groups, although most are content with accepting "donations" and other items to listen to the lobbyists and other groups. I am not saying that our government is awful or needs to change, on the contrary. I believe that our government is the finest in the entire world. I just wish that some of the politicians would not live up to their stereotypes- (liars, cheets, etc) instead of (seemingly) striving to reach them. I know that many people in capitol hill must agree with me, for the entire government is not corrupt, however, I have been led to believe that most people are. As we begin a new century of life in America, I feel that we should strive to better our own government instead of calling for an overthrow... for our government, with all its flaws, is still the freeist and most wonderful in the entire world.

Well here for the first time is the begining of the story of a new country, a better country. After looking into the facts and doing our research my "team" has come to believe that it is possible to found a new country. Of course we are all just teenagers and really know nothing about running a government on our own, so instead we have devised a game aimed at teaching ourselves how to establish and run a real live government. The rpg or roll playing game as it is known will involve many different stages of development from the sucession from the union to the formation of a government to the solving of economic problems in real time with real solutions. It is really a facinating game and looks to be quite a learning experience. Soon I will be creating a link to a page dedicated to this "game" that will hopefully turn very real. We have already established a name: Anachronismia..this stems from the word anachronism which means something from the past that exists today but does not fit into modern society. This is how we are and who we are. We have also developed a flag, and several other representations and are currently working on a national anthem. We have also had our first election and have appointed the cabinet members to the ruling party. We hope to carry this experiment on for many years and establish our "government" firmly in our moral beliefs and our high charecter standards. So if interested in the details of our "game" or to perhaps apply for citizenship to our "country" please e-mail us. A word of wizdom for those people who think that this is about overthrow or revolution...we mean nothing of the sort...we are peaceful fun loving people who just want to see if an alternate government would work...and we dont want to interfere with any of the US policys or cause our government harm in any way.

Remember this is just an experiment for now...and unless you are seriously interested in joining in our experiment please just look the other way.

Thank You for your candor in this matter

Jason G.

Prime Minister


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