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My Friends

These are my friends: Thomas Andrew Moseder Lance Collin Barranyi Philip Orphan Juliet Stevens Joshua Miles Knowles Mike Tang

Thomas Moseder

I have known Tommy for longer than any other of my friends in Florida. We often go eat out at Chilies and order Baby Back Ribs and a Coke. Then we cruise the strip in the Geo. I grew very close to Tommy after he got me my first job at the VFW. We used to go out and drink hot chocalate at the local Steak and Shake. I always knew that if there was a problem Tommy would help me. We always said that we shared one brain, he had the anylitical side and I had the creative side. Now that he is gone I totally believe this. He is a wonderful friend and is so incredibly loyal and supportive. He is like my brother. He is also currently single so if any fine chicks are looking just e-mail him.

Lance Barrranyi

Well what is there to say about my buddy lance. He is one of the greatest guys I have ever known and I feel it a priveledge to know him and to call him my friend. He is also my best friend. I can get away with having two is because they complement each other in every way. Lance is the crazyest and most fun person I have ever known and Tommy is very reserved. This, in turn causes each of them to change behaviors, slightly, to suit each others tastes. I love Lance like a brother and he is truely one of the family. Even my kid sister calls him Uncle Lance.

Phil Orphan

What is there to say about Phil. Not too many people have heard him talk, yet he is one of my very best and most loyal friends a person could have. He is one of the founding members of my band Blind Sight. Of course back then it was not called this but The Chips. He is the only friend of the class of 99 that I have left in Palm Coast.

Juliet Stevens

Juliet is one of my newer friends and was only inducted into the group a few months ago, yet we have grown to be great friends since then. She is attending UCF and I occasionally see her. She is a music major and plays the oboe.

Josh "Sloppy Joe" Knowles

Josh, He is currently a senior and one of the members of Blind Sight. I don't see Josh as often anymore because he is still in Highschool. I do enjoy him hanging around but he is sometimes a pain.

Mike "Egg" Tang

Tang, Tang is a unique person. He is also extremely intellegent. He was also a member of Blind Sight but his studing has got in the way of practice time. He is an incredible stunt man and trickster.

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