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Running On Empty!!!

Hey Everyone. I am an 18 year old male who was clinicly obese until a little inspiration and a lot of hard work begun to pay off. Around Thanksgiving of 1999, I became fed up with my 10 years of being overweight. I then began to diet. As I watched the pounds come off I realized that I could do it and that my goals were eventually going to be met. When I started my diet I was 265 pounds and very unhappy. Through the encouragement of my best friend Tommy, I began to run. Slowly but surely the miles and the distance have come to me. Although every mile is a struggle I also know that soon I will be to my desired weight. One of my greatest inspirations of all was from a man named John Bingham. He too was a couch potato and found that he could do it. Through his inspiration and my friends urging I have lost over 30 pounds and am feeling better every day. I feel that through running I have been given a second chance at life. I am writing this web page to let you know that you too can do it. Start out slow at first and build up your speed and distance. I would recommend that anyone who would like to run try and find a group to run with. When I first started running I was nervous about running with strangers but now I feel that the people that I run with have become motivation and support to me. They never shunned me, laughed at me, or looked down on me, even though I was far from a world class athlete. They accepted me for who I am, and then looked foward to seeing who I will become, as a runner and as a friend. I would highly reccomend running to anyone. Please feel free to e-mail me and look for upcoming updates and added pages on different subjects in running.

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