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The Geo Racing Homepage!

This Is My Engine Before The Modifications
This Is The Frame Of A Basic Geo Metro
This Is My Interior
This Is Also My Interior

This is my Geo Hompage. I feel that Geo Metro's are very under-rated cars. I have a great deal of respect for these little workhorses and am dedicating this website in my cars honor. Over the next few years this site will see the transformation of my little car, from a bland little commuter car, to THE fastest Geo Metro ever! Although the cost in making this car fast will probably be more expensive than the purchase of a new Metro... now owned by Chevy... I don't care because this little car deserves more than it was born with. By this I mean some real guts... Someday my little Geo will pull up to the line and smoke some punk in an Eclipse or the like. This may sound far fetched but I know that eventually it will happen! Soon I will have some pictures of my it will be.

My Homepage