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Blind Sights Homepage

Blind Sight is:

Jason Giraulo- Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Big Mouth

Phil Orphan- Keyboard, animal noises

This list is subject to often changes, except of course for Phil and I.

Blind Sight has been around since 1996 and has seen many changes since those early days. Here is a brief history. In 1994 I purchased his first electric guitar and began playing, about 2 months later he sold it. In 1995 Phil and I met for the first time. Phil and I, not close friends yet, both took keyboard lessons at high school. In 1996 fate brought Phil and I together in their piano class. I decided to begin a band and asked Phil to join. Phil agrees and together the band begins. Several weeks later RC Shipley, a mutual friend, comes up with our first band name, THE CHIPS. Christmas of 1996 I recieved my second electric guitar and amplifier. He soon learns Twist and Shout. Together Phil and I recruit Lance as another guitarist, even though he couldn't play a note. Early 1997 JJ Adcox is recruited as the bassist. We never practice as a full band and things just stagnate. This goes on except for a few odd practices with Phil and RC at Jason's house. During this time Nancee was met in my construction class and gave us the new band name NONCOO- Nancee with O's. The band tries to get RC to play harmonica, he is terrible. Lance, JJ and RC get kicked out, nicely, of course. Once in a lifetime, and Freedom are written in whole on my lani. Our first recordings including Freedom, Once in a Lifetime and Naiomi. Time passes without any major steps until December of 1998. Josh is invited into the band after buying a guitar. We begin to practice more and more as talks begin as to us playing at Grad Nite at Disneyland. Late December of 1998, Tang is invited to a practice after Josh's little brother gets a drum set and we need a drummer. We practice as often as possible but make little progress because Josh can't keep up. We have a big breakup in the begining of January because of problems with practices. We have gotten together again and added Joe and Dan to our lineup. Some other changes have been made like actually practicing. We are getting better and better every week. Now Phil and I are alone in the band again. We played our first gig in Nov. and had loads of fun. Together we practice and have fun but are once again looking for new guitarists.

  • Saveas (Ddrown) the latest song by Blind Sight Click here to hear the demo version

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